Looking for Max Moz NYC 5 day pass...


human being
hi i got one of the five tix i am going to purchase. if anybody is going to split up a 5 day pass and sell off one or two nights please pm me. I want the front of the line priv! I would be happy to buy at the full price of individual tix.


sid james

Stone me!
You're not alone - I suspect there are tons of us, but in the unlikely event someone has a spare 5 day pass going please add me to the 'wants' list as well!


human being
So now I have Monday, Tuesday, and Friday. Tues is an early admission - still looking for the rest of the days before buying on TM.


even if I did miss the 5 day... nothing can stop me from attending all 5 nights in my hometown!

This is going to be fantastic!
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