London - Troxy (July 22, 2023) post-show

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Suedehead / I Wish You Lonely / Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings / Istanbul / The Night Pop Dropped / Jim Jim Falls / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Girlfriend In A Coma / The Loop / Our Frank / Without Music The World Dies / Irish Blood, English Heart / Half A Person / Bonfire Of Teenagers / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Jack The Ripper // Speedway

Setlist courtesy of @Amsden

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Pigsty, imo, was the last truly great Moz tune. Have been some really good songs since, but nothing has quite reached the level of this song. It was perfect and while not my favorite song, it may just be the magnum opus of his solo career. I did say it was just my opinion 😜
Of course, to you a fecking song from Alain is your favourite ( to use my sons lingo Alain is your "Chad" and you are his "Simp")
I think it's a great song but the genius of it is what M does with the singing, not Alain's music and that's true of so many M songs. I also think the intro to that song is actually not too different from something Travis would bang out, it's the worst part of the song it only gets better when the song gets past that first section. I actually like River Cleaan, as much as Pigstye. I prefer the intro to Istanbul and My Love I Would Do Anything For You to the intro to Pigstye. I fast forward the "same old sos " part. That song is much better as it reaches the middle and climax and it's all about M's singing, IMO.
I was really worried about this tour. I had a great night at Hammersmith and I was worried to feck about this tour but like it or not, Jesse and M have proved they do not need Alain and Gus.
All that moaning we all did on here, just shows what little bitches we all are. I actually did a lot of reflection after I joined the Jesse bitching, I decided not to come on here when I am so pissed - I usually come on when Im working away or when Im at home and the wife and kids are out or in bed, Usually, I crack open the wine, put on the headphones and log on here. LOL
M was on great form, he obviously enjoys having the ladies on stage. The Dublin gig was good and The Troxy gig was fire, easily as good as Hammersmith. when they hit Dublin, it was only their third gig and you could see they were already getting tight. Liverpool and Troxy have shown them to be a top band. I hope I am working in USA when they go to NY
David is a brilliant opener for M, he sets the scene quite well for when M comes on. I had seen David support M before, in New York and he was as good this time around. IMO David is the perfect opener for M, due to the kind of NY Musical Hall he does and the history of Dolls and M.
I didn't see any yobs about, I was there with the wife and daughter and a couple of work mates, we all had a top night, even the one work mate who isn't really a fan of M had to admit its was brilliant
one of the best versions so far,carmen rocking out at the end,camillas piano to finish the song.iv said before a lot on here dont like this but it always gets a good reception live,me personally i think it is ------ superb,but thats just me.
It is a very powerful song, I’m glad it’s getting such a good reception from the public.
If they were recorded on soundboard they could be combined for the new Smiths live release….

Johnny does a good job of singing this, but man that guitar passage mid-song is out of this world heavenly. What a shame he and Morrissey could not continue together.

Nice! Shame the HMV one doesn't have space for a mount. Did your local framer have ready made sizes?

For those giving me/others grief for shelling out the money for these signed vinyls: for me it's the reassurance of knowing you have bought something genuine, a real collector's item that you will treasure. No different from a piece of shirt in that sense?! Though I've just seen a Vauxhall one going for 450 on ebay, cheeky swines.
If it makes you happy and you can afford it, then it’s money well spent.
david jo setlist:

plenty of music
making rain
temptation to exist
human being
lonely planet boy
kids like you
take a good look at my good looks
I didn’t go but heard it was a fab night
Some are saying the new band are good
Some saying they are flat
Which is it ?
In general, it’s to do with the perceived laziness of playing the majority of the same songs from the previous recent tours. If one hasn’t seen multiple shows, it’s definitely more palatable even considering the lull. It’s all personal preference in the end and I’ve mentioned before I’d rather Moz perform songs he wants to and enjoys as opposed to doing songs half-heartedly just because fans want to see them. Ideally, there’s overlap in the two more often than not. That said, it’s up to fans if they want to see him do the same show repeatedly and there’s been a couple of thousand each night that don’t seem to mind.
I saw some pictures of you on IG . I hope you don’t mind me saying but you look just like one of the people who was in the Depeche Mode , not Dave one of the others. Can’t think of the name lol

If you go by what people say on here you would get a warped view of what the fans think . Most of the hardcore who follow him don’t go on here . Most of the fans don’t come on here and the fraction who do, do not comment From what I have seen on social media most of the fans don’t care about set list too much . They are just happy to see their hero .
I have heard sone moan about the band but most seem to like the new line up
The people who dislike the new band are certainly kinder than people were to Boz and Alain . It took years before people took them seriously. I remember Brett from suede even kind of mocking them .
When Mozzy did his Insatiable Ones cover
He said Mozzy was ok but the band didn’t have the chops and gave a grin . Mozzy is doing fine and dandy , we want to lick him like candy

Morrissey was in good spirits and the band played brilliantly, and it must be said that Carmen is a fantastic addition to the band and carries that spark that was reignited with Alain's return. However, she seems to take it further and really brings a wonderful energy and new groove to some songs.
Agree yes.



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