London tickets?


Lovely Riah
Any tickets going?

I had one for Brixton but it is now sat in the post office depot. :tears:
Nah, i got it off a nice chap who couldn't go, but he only sent it on Friday and didn't arrive yesterday.

I'm looking but don't really want to pay out £40 odd quid.
Your post count is now 666.. there's your sign to grab one off a tout
That's exactly what i was thinking. I'll have a brew and a ponder, and a long hard look in to my soul... i mean bank balance.

Tickets have been going for £20-£30 on Gumtree in the last couple of days. There's clearly a surplus of supply. You should be able to get one at face value or less tonight.
I wouldn't say there was anything hugely unethical about buying off a tout in the street either. They take spare tickets off people whose friends couldn't make it etc, and sell them on for a mark-up - probably around £10 tonight if they're lucky.
The worst touts are those who snap up tickets and sell them on E-bay. Never buy one off them!
Thanks, never thought about Gumtree.

It's not really the ethics of buying from a tout, it's more the cost, the occasional hike because it's sold out and people want in. Didn't want to get there and potentially be forced to cough up £50+
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