London - The Palladium (Oct. 9, 2022) post-show

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How Soon Is Now? / We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful / Our Frank / Knockabout World / First Of The Gang To Die / Irish Blood, English Heart / Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings / Rebels Without Applause / The Loop / I Am Veronica / Frankly, Mr. Shankly / My Hurling Days Are Done / Half A Person / Bonfire Of Teenagers / (Auld Lang Syne intro) Everyday Is Like Sunday / Never Had No One Ever / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / Jack The Ripper // Sweet And Tender Hooligan

Setlist courtesy of 'Buddy TC'

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Tremendous. Stunning. Spectacular. Mozzy you are the soundtrack to everything I’ve ever lived. Everything I’ve ever felt, you felt first, and ahead of me. The songs that still sing my heart to sleep. The music and your voice that have echoed in my head since I was a child. With so much gratitude and love that still, you could never even begin to know. I’m so happy for how many compliments and for how much appreciation has been expressed so far by so many who have been lucky enough to attend the shows on this tour. Love you all the way to the moon and back, Mozzy. More than all the yesterdays combined. And hope to see you again one day. May Brixton and Brighton bless your head with wild abandon and caress your sweet heart.
Alas. Never in my own opinion. He thinks by being over 40 and still getting hugs and shirts because he now has has preference over platinum ticket holders he can do as he wishes. I saw it in Vegas. He was let in with the fan who they have said was a rather large girl who rushed the stage (maladjusteddoll) before the people who paid top money to be there. So does it really happen? Someone pays their dues? Spend over 100k and then you’re in the circle? We’ll never know won’t we????
he’s done it to me and others several times for the last 10 years: i’ve seen him butting in front and basically handcuffing himself to someone else’s spot. it’s quite a turn off to see! also very embarrassing for him. oh well!!
Brilliant gig as everyone has said, only point is STOP BOOKING VENUES WITH DOWNSTAIRS SEATS FFS.

Was 'intresting' watching the behaviour of some of the fans at the front. I do wonder if you filmed them and showed them afterwards what they'd think....🤔

Onwards to Sowth Lunden...
I can’t understand why is so insane preparate 3 setlist with different songs and mixed up to give a little fan service, or a song for every place, to not repeat ALWAYS the same !!! even the last tours songs…is so disappointed. He is getting worst…I miss the old Morrissey
just go to youtube and you can fill yer boots with as much old morrissey as you can handle.
he is at the top of his game on this tour,,,VivaMozz.
Yeah, it's not his greatest lyrical moment, but maybe he's using it as a snapshot of the times.
I don't know about where you live Snoddy, but up here 'sheeple' was used as term of derision by anti-vaxxers against sane people.
However, there's also The Housemartins anti-Thatcher song 'Sheep' with it's refrain, "It's sheep we're up against".
Hopefully he means the latter, or better still, like you say the recorded version has a different lyric🐑🙂
The version debuted in Las Vegas has the lyric ‘and the silly people sing ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger…’

The ‘sheeple-people’ ad-lib has only recently been added during the U.K. tour. Bit weird as it’s light-hearted, which is tonally at odds with the subject matter.
“Jack the Ripper” was sublime; for me, the standout song. “The Loop” comes in as a close second. And, perhaps surprisingly, I also loved “My Hurling Days Are Gone” - amazing vocals and touching lyrics. To hear so many Smiths songs was also a real treat, although however much I enjoy “Sweet and Tender”, I think there are better encores. That said, it did produce an energetic finale. On the new songs, it’s “Rebels” that I’m humming along to in my head this morning; musically, “Bonfire” is great, but I find the lyrics somewhat clumsy.

Overall, I had a beautiful evening, which was only marred by someone directly in front of me who shouted out “Johnny Marr” a few times in between songs. I love Johnny, too; but if you want to see him, go and see him. This is Morrissey.

There’s something special about the Palladium.
Yeah, having seven days to reminisce last Sunday's Glasgow show, I now totally concur. I don't care if some people think it's clumsy or offensive, it's an absolute stormer❤️👍
Before hearing the song, I was very excited as I was myself fed up with people singing John Lennon’s Imagine after terrorist attacks in Paris, usually holding a teddy bear, but alas, this is the less inspired vocal melody he comes with for years.

I am also a little bit mixed up about his speech last night before the song (basically that everybody knows who Brady and Hindley are, knows their face etc whereas the Manchester terrorist is « unknown »). Again, I understand his point, but I can’t help thinking that it is for the best that the killer remains anonymous and not « handed to stardom ».
Overall, I had a beautiful evening, which was only marred by someone directly in front of me who shouted out “Johnny Marr” a few times in between songs. I love Johnny, too; but if you want to see him, go and see him. This is Morrissey.

There’s something special about the Palladium.
I had a delightful gent behind me. After Sure enough, Rebels and the Loop he shouted “play something we know you c***”.

I like the encore better than the previous ones, and overall his singing is superb. Don t understand the Bonfire speech, the less attention to killers the better, applies to Hinckley c.. too. Too bad about seats so should be more fun in Brixton and Brighton. Looking forward to it
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