London - Palladium (Aug. 8, 2011) post-show

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By davidt on Aug 8, 2011 at 11:00 PM
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    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in. Beware of anonymous set list trolls!

    Set List:

    I Want The One I Can't Have / Irish Blood, English Heart / You're The One For Me, Fatty / Everyday Is Like Sunday / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Action Is My Middle Name / Come Back To Camden / I Know It's Over / Scandinavia / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Satellite Of Love / The Kid's A Looker / You Have Killed Me / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Speedway / Meat is Murder // First Of The Gang To Die

    set list provided by an anonymous person, from a bootleg tracklisting

    Morrissey – review by Kitty Empire, The Observer. Link from an anonymous person
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Aug 8, 2011.

    1. Anonymous

      I care.


    2. Anonymous

      Dear Kate,

      Hi, this is Kate2828. My real name is Kate. I have a lot to tell you I think you'd be interested in.
      I think I like you. We have to talk soon.

    3. Anonymous
      Hello Kate Ryan

      I haven't and I wouldn't, "pretend to be the blogger or the person who sent me 'one email.'" I didn't read your e-mails to him, I'm afraid. I really not bothered about him now; he passed on shortly before the turn of the millenium. These message boards are here and the topic of Steven and the blog was here, so I thought I probably should say "hullo".

      When you were in correspondence with the person responsible for the blog, did you, perchance, suggest that he might get a haircut, retire and take up smoking a pipe? If not, you still could (and should).

    4. Anonymous
      I am Satan and I have returned to inflict my wrath on all you jackals. I am not Satan’s fake blogger I am him. I watch you insane blogheads and pretenders about my man Morrissey and this Kate character pretending to correspond with the man.
      I know what you are about I read your thoughts and know the emptiness of your souls as I am Satan and I make thing happen. You bloggers and writers who have now made this graveyard of solo a bigger more disgusting junk yard with your idiocy must be stopped and my paws are ready to scartch your mugs and my paws are ready to rip your clothes off and make you the fat pigs you are, morbidly obese men and morbidly diseased women with creases and double chins on the chins of the flesh that you commence for no reason. You are fakes and frauds, there are no two kates and no two Morrissey and you are all the same person as I see thru it as I tap into emails and read them and they are all idiocy. Likes your crime s against humanity and my man Morrissey
      The rest of this site should be blown off the face of this planet. Morrissey is so happy to be done with his tour and now he will do his best to forget any of you exist.
      I am Satan and I have powers and this site is filled with insane Morrissey impersonators and insaner Morrissey correspondents who needs to be fumigated to be rid of you dirty revolting roaches and I will step on you all one by one and then pry your squished remains from my shoe and throw them into the snaw like spiders and creepy crawlers like you want to be Morrissey are all going to be sub-species when I’m done eating you all and then gather your rotting water soaked carcass and bring you to hell and watch you burn baby burn to carried off off in hearses to hell to ring bell and walk on hot sand with sharp sand and watch you thrown into wishing well as you come back as rodents and rats so I can eat you as I like KFC. Speaking words of wisdom, let it be, when I find myself in times of trouble mouth mark comes and let it be The Monkies.
      I am Satan and I shall come for you when you least expect it and you bloggers will be the first to feel my wrath, to feel my power, to hopedully feel my penis and then I will shoot you into the air and have you land on my sword and then when you are totally dead, I’ll kill you a few more times and make porridge. out of you and eat you for breakfast as I am Satan and I have powers and I make things happen. I holler.
    5. DamienDempsey
      Oh, Satan! Such a fan I am of yours! When will your next album be released? I simply cannot wait!

      Kate Ryan
    6. DamienDempsey
      Hello Fellow Beautiful Kate,

      Are we nearly friends now? If not already, it'll be delightful when we are!

      Please tell me all I would find interesting. A more keen ear, other than mine, is not in existence!

      Kate Ryan
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    7. Anonymous
      I keep having graphic thoughts about Morrissey. They never happened before previously. Now it happens every single night. I can’t turn off the light. I cannot write the things I am thinking. And the things I am contemplating. I love Morrissey so much, I think I’m going crazy. I want him, he is my baby.
    8. Thomas Condon
    9. Anonymous
      Dont you think maybe because morrissey was crapping himself and had instructed them- being all mouth and no trousers himself.
    10. Anonymous
      Good morning Satan, I got news for you. Hell doesn't exist. You need a home? I'm there for the homeless but my hospitality twinkles and fluctuates like the forced madness in your glassy eyes. Bring your own blanket, you might catch a cold, my house has no walls to keep wind and water outside.
      Sometimes buses stop at my front door for a short time, but the good thing about buses is that they tend to leave due to odd things like schedules and you don't seem like the kind that would moan about exhaust fumes in his face. Smells like home doesn't it.
    11. Anonymous
      I am Batman of Gotham City and I now have come to save Morrissey-solo from you Satan. Robin just put on his mantle and said he is in for it as well. Prepare yourself for the battle. Also, I spoke with Superman and his gang yesterday. Guess what, he doesnt like you either. Be ready Satan, the sons of Gotham City is coming for you!
    12. gordyboy
      bunch of fucking nutters on the back end of this thread.not funny,not iinteresting,crap crap crap.shut it down this site is finished.a reveiw of a show is soon hijacked by mr nutty bar.allyouneedismorrissey for me from now on,place for real fans.
    13. Road Hog
      Road Hog
      When will Boz learn? You don't mess with The Mozfather.

      I got on with the London shows. I gave no outward indication of the knowledge I had gained about an evil conspiracy within my backing band to prevent me from expressing my sensuality on stage with a quick or not-so-quick removal of a sweaty shirt and a quick dab of said shirt on my exhausted musculature. Who are they to deny me? Who are they to deny my fans?

      Well, well, well. They did notice on the so-low place that this little blog made the pledge to restart stripping to the waist just a day or two prior to restarting an old tradition with an ironic smile. A-ha. Lights coming on in heads. Slowly.

      Another 'clue' at the Palladium? I promised to give another clue and I did - welcome to my world. Ah yes, just quoting Elvis. Absolutely nothing to do with an article I posted a few days prior to the Palladium featuring the review of a live DVD! The same words uttered at the beginning of my gig as a certain person utters at the beginning of his... nothing to worry about. Coincidence.

      London was a joy. The slight sense of violence/glamour at this time only turned me on marginally more. As terrible as that may sound, I know you understand.

      Well since the clues are too subtle - and now I see my fans are posting private correspondence on the so-low place while others post fake emails supposedly emanating from little old me - the subsequent clues will be slightly less subtle.

      I may never post again on this blog but remember one thing. Just remember one thing.

      I will soon appear in a Justin Bieber t-shirt, for irony value of course. And then you will no doubt be filled to the brim with regret. That is if you're bright enough to put two and two together. 'Oh it's coincidence!' they all cry. Then perhaps I'll even sing a few words of one of his songs? Or maybe not. Those of you who have remained true to me, I know who you are. Those who have not... don't come crying to me later. I won't be here. As for Boz and the old Strip Prevention Strategy: you haven't heard the last of this, Martin. Not by a long chalk. Now I think it might be time to don the old black shirt and black tie, tied nice and short... a little oversized jewellery and perhaps... yes, I will just take a moment to get the old cold stare just so. Where's my mirror? That's it. Lovely. Time to pay a quick visit to a certain rock musician...

    14. Z??
      Just had to comment that people saying security were too rough are idiots. Security weren't rough enough. Keep in mind a single one of those idiots reaches Morrissey and you have no idea what will happen. How would you all feel if one of them turned out to be a Mark Chapman style person?

      Security did a fantastic job at stopping people reaching Morrissey and honestly I wish they had been rougher. Teach the people who nearly ruin a gig, because they are so selfish they want to touch Morrissey, a lesson. They took too long getting people off stage because they were trying to drag them off instead of just throwing them off. Everyone who rushed on stage, you have no respect for Morrissey as an artist and you nearly ruined the gig.

      Someone mentioned the blond girl, oh the one who one guy pulled off by holding her under the arms? How is that rough? What would you have him do? Walk up to her and ask her politely to leave the stage? He did it in the gentlest way possible. Rough would be if he had smacked her in the face to knock her down and then dragged her off violently by one hand or foot or hair.
    15. Anonymous
      I'd be likely to think, "Well, about fucking time."
    16. bored
      I think the first post about security brutality was troll post to stir the shit. I think that because it was a very early post and then after that quite a few people, like yourself, said that it wasn't really like that.
    17. Sharron Needles
      Sharron Needles
      I will just say that I thought that the gig was excellent! A perfect end to the tour, Pussy or whatever. The only complaint that I have is that they should have filled the huge moat between the stage and the audience with water, and then added some crocodiles, or perhaps Box Jellyfish, sea snakes, etc. I think that the excitement level then could even reached epic proportions. Everyone is also complaining about security, but I would like to add that security was EXTREMELY friendly on our side of the stage (left) and I think that everyone was quite lucky in general about how relaxed they were during the initial rush to the stage when the lights went down, because in 2006 they were absolute Nazi sea snakes. Maybe some of the guys that came onto the stage were a bit heavy handed, but what do you expect if you are trying to hurl yourself into a huge, gaping abyss to try and get a handshake? Probably that you are a little less sane than the average bear (btw, there were a lot of bears in attendance tonight for some reason), so their Neanderthal impulses just kicked into overdrive of course. I was alo enjoying my tin of Red Stripe in the bar during that woman, and I turned around and who is stood right there? Matt Cardle ? Did noone else notice him? No, probably not. I didn't get to Ireland this time around, so Come Back To Camden was an absolute stunner. Loved it. Speedway was great tonight because I got to go out for a fag and make it back in time for it to start again. Had a brilliant time afterward in SoHo with a few others and a drag queen singing Abba to me-much better than walking the streets of Brixton at 4am was. I'm going to miss the tour, and the pre gig/post gig/no gig drinks meet ups, but I guess livers need holidays too. Love to all the Moz nuts, see you guys in Canada...!
    18. Anonymous
      because YOU didn't see it , it never happened
    19. Anonymous
      Then why does Moz encourage them to come up but makes sure they're tackled before they get near him? He only made an effort to touch a couple of them. He even made a video (THPGU) highlighting stage invasions!
    20. Anonymous
      I agree they were disgusting.

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