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    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in. Beware of anonymous set list trolls!

    Set List:

    I Want The One I Can't Have / Irish Blood, English Heart / You're The One For Me, Fatty / Everyday Is Like Sunday / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Action Is My Middle Name / Come Back To Camden / I Know It's Over / Scandinavia / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Satellite Of Love / The Kid's A Looker / You Have Killed Me / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Speedway / Meat is Murder // First Of The Gang To Die

    set list provided by an anonymous person, from a bootleg tracklisting

    Morrissey – review by Kitty Empire, The Observer. Link from an anonymous person
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Aug 8, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      rofl I am sure it wasn't funny for the person as it happens, but it looks so funny as he is flying by taken hold of at the belt... There were quite a few hilarious moments during this tour captured on videos and it would be well worth putting them all together.

      Morrissey looks stunning with the tie in the other video. I did not particularly like him wearing suits at normal concert venues but at a venue like the Palladium it looks great.
    2. Anonymous
      I have always been skeptical of the site. I just thought it was nothing whatever to do with morrissey, even if it was frequently funny and quite an interesting read. It's basically a very slick parody site, like Alan Clark's diaries that used to be in one of the british newspapers.

      Having looked at all of the evidence on the forum that Morrissey is involved with the blog, I'm now actually in agreement and I never thought I'd say this. I don't think he writes the blog per se but you can't credibly claim all those things are coincidences either. At the very least morrissey is an avid reader of the blog and likes it, or more likely actually knows the author of the blog.

      To say, as some of you are, that it is now proven to be Morrissey's own blog is very naive but I'll accept tghere is some kind of relationship between Morrissey and

      The pretence that he's now into Justin Bieber is hilarious!

      Jaffa Scott
    3. Anonymous
      See another funny moment, because it looks as if the shirt is coming back to him even though he first just threw it up... wards.

      It surprises me that he rips off his shirt, throws the shirt and then runs away as if he is in the freezing cold. How about that the shirt off, sing a song without a shirt and then put on another shirt without the shirt throw. :) That I am opposed to the shirt throw has nothing to do with his age or that he takes the shirt off, it is more the fuzz made about it and the shirt that is utter... nonsense.
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    4. Anonymous
      "July 26th

      My Dear Kate,

      As I stumble and fall through this life I can't help Playing Easy To Get. Of course it makes no sense for us to communicate through this mundane medium - each word lacks vitality and the caressing thump of the singing voice, like strawberries without cream, velvet sans slap, or David Showie minus his make-up. All I have in my soul to give I transmit willingly through song, whether on record or on stage. This leaves me bereft. How could it not? I have nothing left to sustain myself or my relationships or to will myself out of bed and away into the bleak grinding machine we call society. The Germans call this property geist. That thing emanating from deep within, which disappears from the iris the moment death comes. We have no suitable word for it, being Anglo-Saxons. To us the concept is not meant to exist. 'Where's my geist?' 'Geist? You haven't finished that stitching yet.' None the less, in spite of my emotional anaemia and the limitations of this form of communication, here we are - writing to each other. Like all the best things in life it makes no real sense. Why else do I continue to write songs??

      My life is merely a shadow. When I cry the tears are those shed by Nico, like dead freesia petals falling to a concrete floor - that frozen spring blossom of malcontent which was her rendition of 'Sunday Morning.' When I laugh it is an echo of Jimmy Clitheroe filtered through the mind-warping prism of Wilde's rapacious wit and mesmeric insight. From a certain point of view I do not exist at all, I am a trick of the light, a hoped-for poetic uncle, a child crying out for attention in a world where time is money and money is the only constant. The drip, drip, drip of marketing, the glad rattle of the corporate cash register, the endless round of interviews, meetings and conferences - these things slowly kill me. I know you understand. I know it.

      If you are happy to write to a man with no hope, a shadow dancing on the carpet, someone who is already dead, then please continue. But like the others, you will soon grow tired and leave. They all do.

      The so-lowers are indeed right cunts, as I observe on my quasi-anonymous blog. My laughter echoes with every pontification over its authorship. So many questions would elucidate the authorship of the blog - if only they had the wit to pose the right questions. That they do not see the game is intentional. They do not realise the inelegant use of mesmerise rather than the Oxford mesmerize is quite intentional, that the absurdly bloated narcissism is ironically-intended, that my denial I was the author of the blog when nobody had even heard of it was a clue! - In due course the authorship will be proven - and what of the so-lowers, then?


      That certainly seems to be Morrissey's prose style. If I saw that I would find it difficult to believe anyone else had written it. I guess the blog truly is his. I am astonished.

      Jaffa Scott
    5. Tingle3
      My favourite tune of the evening was "One Day Goodbye will be Farewell". Seemed to get a good reaction from the audience too. BTW, do people not visit the lavatory before the start of the show? Overactive bladder? What is it with leaving the show 15 minutes in? On the tube home I saw an advert for some sort of help:

      I was a bit aghast at some of the security response during Speedway. It seemed there was a bit of panic. There was a security guy stood in front of Moz as he was singing and I noticed Boz tell another security guy to tell him to get out of the way. At least I think that's what was going on. Someone was picked up and carried across the stage - didn't even touch the floor. I've no idea if anyone was injured. I hope that no one suffered any great injury. I suppose sprains and grazes are to be expected.
    6. Anonymous
      "When You Can Not Stand The Real World"
    7. lastparty
      This is my forth gig of the tour, thanks. And my friend isn't an expert, just someone who was there and made a comment:)
    8. NowhereFast'18
      Jamie Skelton is this? ;)
    9. his latest flame
      his latest flame
      it was jim reeves then elvis .
    10. Anonymous
      Or maybe someone else reads it and tells him, and the likes of taking his clothes off at the gig he did on purpose and the justin beiber thing after someone told him or yes he may have read a it, its definately not him writing it i read a couple on the blogs it does not sound like the things he would say at all.
    11. Anonymous
      Wrong it was not out of the blue, the blog had been posted and alot of people were talking about it, plus he has only recently made references to it.
    12. Anonymous
      yeah it was short, not long enough so many songs he could do
    13. Anonymous

      Is this from his journal? It doesn't appear to be there. So who wrote this? A Morrissey impersonator?
    14. Anonymous
      That's published correspondence from the author of the blog that someone posted in the forum to show why she thinks it's morrissey. They moved it to 'off-topic' - it's still over there if you look.

      If you read that prose it screams morrissey at you. Nobody else writes like that.

      That's why i now believe he is the author - it's the only explanation. Whoever wrote that letter can write in a style far superior to the parody blog.
    15. Anonymous

      I am writing this for Kate2828. She would like it to be known that she is not Kate Ryan and she is not anyone or anybody on the forums. Period.

      Kate2828 has never had any communication with Morrissey other than at concerts. The only other communication she has had with him is writing to him on this website Morrissey-solow.

      She doesn’t have any phone numbers, emails for him or anything to communicate with him other than through solow.

      Kate says “like he would even read my messages on here… like he would care what I have to say. He probably doesn’t know I exist. I devoted twelve years of my life to Morrissey and he probably doesn’t know who I am. Which really is quite sad but I can have my fantasy that maybe he knows who I am sometimes, can’t I?”

      Kate’s secretary

      Colin MacAvoy
    16. CrystalGeezer
      I do. I don't believe the blog is Morrissey's. To be honest I'm fed up with spoofs, lies and masks. Don't care, really.
    17. Anonymous
      "Morrissey is close to cabaret now. I visit the website because he's the greatest artist who has ever lived in my worthless opinion. But it doesn't alter the sad present reality.

      Are you actually backing his decision to rip off David in the most spiteful way possible?

      For what it's worth my prediction is that his next album won't even make the top 10. The new songs sound a bit predictable and he's really beginning to believe his own publicity. In 2002, he was tleling his fans '"I love you" and these days he storms out of shows three songs in, hurls them out of venues and generally shows nothing but contempt.

      But if you think Jesse Tobias is an inspiring musician, I can understand you would disapprove of the so-slow criticism; on the other hand if you love Jesse, why aren't you listening to McFly or Alanis Morrissette?"

      The blog merely highlights how absurd Morrissey has become. It's just a bit of fun, dear.

      I don't think doing a parody blog of Mozza for a few minutes every few days is ridiculous, no. I probably spend less time on that than you continue to spend on so-low every day!

      Pretending to be Morrissey? I must have blinked and missed that. Kate what'sherface has been sending me 15 emails a day begging me to reply, as she 'knows' I am Morrissey, so I sent her a one-line email saying, "please continue the wonderful work - because you must" signed M, for a cheap laugh. That's the closest I've come to pretending to be him!"

      This is written by the same person who writes the fake blog. Yes, Uncle Skinny, I said I wouldn't post here again, before you mention my IP address - but the fact that people are actually falling for it all is pathetic.
    18. Anonymous
      When you cannot stand the real world, take my hand.
      Best regards, Steven Patrick M
    19. molly mae morrissey
      molly mae morrissey
      Agreed !!!
    20. Anonymous
      The word, 'girlfriend,' is not hyphenated.

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