London - Palladium (Aug. 8, 2011) post-show

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Set List:

I Want The One I Can't Have / Irish Blood, English Heart / You're The One For Me, Fatty / Everyday Is Like Sunday / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Action Is My Middle Name / Come Back To Camden / I Know It's Over / Scandinavia / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Satellite Of Love / The Kid's A Looker / You Have Killed Me / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Speedway / Meat is Murder // First Of The Gang To Die

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Morrissey – review by Kitty Empire, The Observer. Link from an anonymous person
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A is No Way Morrissey, cos no way does Boz defend a punk puke like the bieber-thing.
Welcome to my world, That's life, "it's nothing much to lose".
Every time I journey to see our man, I always tell myself it will never be as good as the last. Stoke was very special, but this was right up there with it. A stunning end to a stunning tour. His voice is beyond impressive right now, and he nailed every song. First time at the Palladium, and really liked the venue. Was sat (stood dancing really) right at the back of the Royal Circle, but had a great view. The pace and timing of the set was perfect, particularly from I Want to Camden.... an impassioned and energetic start. Loved the moment towards the end of Action where he slung his jacket off, got a great reaction from the crowd. Camden was a real highlight actually. After hearing the Dublin boot, it was clear that he had been struggling with it slightly, missing lines etc. But tonight it was spot on. First time hearing Scandinavia live too, and I must say I really like it, definitely one of the stronger new songs. And well done to all the stage invaders, particularly during Speedway. Just before the middle pause, as the lights dimmed, you could make out a female half on stage, trying for a good 30 secs or so to make it to her feet, only to be dragged away as expected. Great try. After that there were at least 4 or 5 others before the song was up. Totally agree with the comment about the latter half of Speedway being incredibly dramatic because of the invaders. One of those moments that just seemed to be perfectly timed, pre empted by Morrissey 'now where were we?'. Can't make up my mind whether all the thank you's Morrissey made before FOTGTD were something to worry about......has he ever done that at the end of a tour before? In hindsight I don't really think it's anything remotely like a warning sign, and I desperately hope we see him again very soon. Got back to Birmingham an hour ago to the remains of riots.....walked through the deserted city past numerous smashed shop windows. Panic on the streets of Birmingham indeed.
Great show, super venune & my gf totally enjoyed her first ever Morrissey gig in London.

I was in Row C, and thought about making a 'b line' for the stage. The drop looked 'very deep' and the Security guys on stage were very heavy handed, so decided against it. Are Morrissey security guys English or from US? I saw 2 men try to jump and slipped into the hole, are they OK? anyone hurt? It all started during Speedway, and it finally went nuts during FOTG.

Great to watch, not so great for those who got roughed up.

'Panic on the street of Croydon'
Ice - pick to the face of security and watch the cunnies cry.
My first Morrissey expierience at 45 years old, dragged along by my daughter, what an amazing gig.

Think security has to be a bit tough these days, only takes one nutter.

I have some great shots of the shirt fight at the end, that was so funny :)

Looking forward to my next Expieience
There is likely a twist in the story. Morrissey is very crafty, after-all. I'd say he is no longer looking for a record label because he's signed with one over the past 48, or 24, hours. He will never disappear because he cannot help but make brilliant music. His last album was the most beautiful thing, even surpassing in magnificence Quarry.
Thanks, Damien. I really hope you're right. I can't even begin to imagine...
hey moz, we want more! you know we know you know you have it in you? come back to cheltenham- you still owe us for cancelling ;)
"Welcome to My World" was a song that was made famous by Elvis and then later Engelbert Humperdinck.
hey moz, we want more! you know we know you know you have it in you? come back to cheltenham- you still owe us for cancelling ;)
at a guess, he would of cancelled the cheltenham date when he realised or was told that the venue was on the racecourse grounds, he did play cheltenham town hall a few years ago, so nothing personal with the cotswold's
at a guess, he would of cancelled the cheltenham date when he realised or was told that the venue was on the racecourse grounds, he did play cheltenham town hall a few years ago, so nothing personal with the cotswold's
For the 5th time, his support act singer in Cork publicly declared her love for a steak house in Mayfair and this did not keep Morrissey from putting her on stage in Cork and gave her the usual publicity. Yes, there are people who do not make it as big as he does, but they are more consistent in their believes and would not for example put that woman on stage. They have less "friends", right, but they are true to their principles. This does of course not necessarily bring you the adoration and the money. I prefer the people with the backbone.
Did Morrissey take off ALL his clothes? what happened exactly?
The site in question is a strange blog, all fans here asked him for was to either go back to his roots or make a more interesting seems to miss that point and starts ranting about NME fans.
Not verbatim, but this is something similar to what Morrissey said:

"Earlier today, back stage, I was sat on Danny La Rue's toilet, and I wondered 'would he mind?' No, I don't think he'd mind".

"I was wondering around backstage and I found a baby deer with a bullet in its head <laughter> and I thought "William and Kate must be here" and I carried on and I found some bear traps all wrapped up in paper ready to be sent to Canada, and I thought "that vile old Queen must be here"....

"Thanks to the crew, without whom we'd all look very silly. Thanks to (hesitation) Paul, Julia who came everywhere except the Isle of Man because she was ill....."

"I'd like to thank the people beside and behind me. In guitars Boz Boorer, on bass Soloman Walker, what could be next???........on the gong Matt Walker, Who's this on the piano? is it Mrs Mills? No!!, it's Gustavo Manzur! Today, tomorrow and forever...Jesse Tobias!"

I, Tingle, have to thank the lovely woman who saw my 'ticket wanted notice' and took me to meet Fergus who sold me a ticket. You were both very kind and made my day. Can't imagine how I'd feel if I'd missed the whoel tour. No resort to touts! I refuse .
Art Hounds is a very cool song, I was hoping he would play it again and we'd get a better quality boot leg.
I was the one who asked 'is tonight the end of your career?' after the 'i don't want a record deal' comment (seemed such a good idea at the time, i was pissed).

Great gig. My 9th this tour. Good to have the traditional post-gig shirt wrestle back.
'is tonight the end of your career?' well that was sensitive of you. :rolleyes:

Didn't he say "It's not been a career. It's just peristence"

Someone else called out towards the end to which Morrissey replied
"You don't mean a word of that. You're just looking for attention in a public place"
Fabulous gig, great venue, great crowd! A new album would be great now. I bet Moz will get a deal soon.
Walked through Soho at 01:00 at night - it was in pitch-black darkness!! What was going on?

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