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    Set List:

    I Want The One I Can't Have / Irish Blood, English Heart / You're The One For Me, Fatty / Everyday Is Like Sunday / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Action Is My Middle Name / Come Back To Camden / I Know It's Over / Scandinavia / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Satellite Of Love / The Kid's A Looker / You Have Killed Me / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Speedway / Meat is Murder // First Of The Gang To Die

    set list provided by an anonymous person, from a bootleg tracklisting

    Morrissey – review by Kitty Empire, The Observer. Link from an anonymous person
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Aug 8, 2011.

    1. cynically worldly
      cynically worldly
      Amazing gig this one. Morrissey was in great voice and the music sounded good but maybe not quite great. Of the new songs The Kid's a Looker and Action were really good. I didn't enjoy I Know It's Over as much as I thought I would and Alma Matters was a bit flat. Otherwise really great finish to this tour.

      I was shocked to hear Morrissey is not releasing any more records. At least that's what it sounded like - he said something about not wanting a record deal anymore. Does anyone know word for word what was said?

      Most amazingly Morrissey conclusively proved he is either the author of the website or is in on an in-joke and does know the author. How? Two things. Firstly the blog pledged he would strip for the first time this tour and then he did at the next show, which nobody would have predicted (Morrissey's habits are usually pretty constant in a tour)

      But even more hilariously, Morrissey began his concert with the precise words Justin Bieber used on his only world tour. Both Bieber and Morrissey began their gigs with the words 'Welcome to my World' (the name of Bieber's album is 'My World')

      ---This when the most recent tour diary on the blog focuses almost exclusively on Morrissey's enjoyment of Bieber's live DVD covering music off the 'My World' album.

      I'm now convinced and I find it hilarious that he's mocking himself so humorously with that blog. I wonder how many more unsubtle clues he'll have to give before the people on this website realise he's playing a game? :lbf:

      Does anyone seriously believe this choice of words is a coincidence?
    2. devout
      Great gig, but total fucking disgraceful security. What the fuck is assaulting MORRISSEY FANS all about? Dragging people across the stage by their hair?

      Not good enough and as that could've been me you can stick it up your arse.

      What the fuck is going on, it's a Morrissey gig?
    3. devout
      You are spot on. Absolute total disgrace.
    4. Anonymous
      Was he on fire tonight or did London steal his attention?

      Urban (watching the multicultural experiment burning)
    5. Anonymous
      corect, there was no V&I tour. that was fake post from burger king bitch.
    6. Anonymous
      1 I want The One I Can't Have
      2 Irish Blood, English Heart
      3 You're The One For Me, Fatty
      4 Everyday Is Like Sunday
      5 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
      6 Action Is My Middle Name
      7 Come Back To Camden
      8 I Know It's Over
      9 Scandanavia
      10 Ouija Board, Ouija Board
      11 Satellite Of Love
      12 The Kid's A Looker
      13 You Have Killed Me
      14 I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
      15 One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
      16 Speedway
      17 Meat Is Murder
      18 First Of The Gang To Die
    7. DamienDempsey
      My new smart friend: I think when he says the words 'welcome to my world' he is referring primarily to his blog name: Morrissey's World. A bigger hint just may kill the lot of So-Lowers if it fell upon them!!!
    8. Anonymous
      FIGHT BACK!!! Next time the scum bag security f's with you, shove a sharp pencil or pen in their eye or neck. They'll back off, believe me. Or, one for the ladies... Grab the shit bags by the balls and don't let go. Take a lesson from Canning Town & hit the filth in the head with a hammer, then set a fire and burn the Palladium down in a blaze.... What Fun! Burn All Mc Murder joints, then decend on the banker swill when they leave work. Hackney we love you....
    9. Anonymous
      No C-vitamine for you son in the morning.
    10. 7Paul7
      For me this was my favourite gig of the tour although Brixton and Hop Farm were special to. To the girl who was stood right in front of me and *made the first stage invasion during Speedway, it was so perfectly timed and dramatic that I could have married you on the spot. To the people saying the gig was only good where were you stood? Perhaps if you were at the front and tried to actually get involved you might have enjoyed it a whole lot more, sometimes you only get out of a gig what you put into it. It was a shame that we didn't get to hear Art-hounds again but at least we had Camden to fall back on.
    11. Anonymous
      I now believe either the blog is Morrissey's or that he reads it and wants us to think it might be his, or he knows the author and is doing a bit of an in-joke. Who knows? Maybe Russell brand and Morrissey hatched this plan up together, Brand does the blog and it will feature in a future comedy segment on a TV show or something? I don't know but you can't argue with the facts

      1 He 'pledged' to strip when he had not done so all tour and then what happens? He strips in the next gig!

      2 He wrote on the blog that there would be more clues tonight to 'prove' he is the author of the blog. What happens? He drops a massive hint by using the words, "welcome to my world." This could either be a reference to the My World Tour by Justin Bieber who used those same words at the beginning of his gigs (Morrissey is actually using the same words to open this gig as Bieber used to open his!) and also a reference to the fact the blog is called "Morrissey's World,' hence "welcome to My World.' That's far beyond coincidence! It can't be!

      3 Morrissey was the one who advertised the blog and first drew it to our attention by denying it was his out of the blue on true to you. Why did he do this when nobody had even heard of it and it hadn't been linked anywhere? Now it's linked everywhere on the web thanks to Moz!

      4 He has not posted a cease and desist order despite his propensity for doing so. Why not?

      5 Look at the writing style and irony. It's very Morrissey-like. It's like Morrissey doing a parody of Morrissey.

      6 You also say you email with morrissey? How do you know him? Can you share a little of this story?
    12. Anonymous
      I presume you are not claiming to be THE Damian Dempsey?
    13. DamienDempsey
      If you bothered to read his blog you'd realize he actually dislikes Russell Brand, whom he puts under his list 'Utter Bastards I'd Cross The Road To Avoid.'

      I know Morrissey as a fan only. We corresponded for more than a month: six emails from him and twice as many from me. I sent him, in a semi-drunken stupor, the most cruelest of messages which ended our little exchange. I feel like utter shite about it now. His response to my vitriol was so dignified, I nearly cried.
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    14. Anonymous
      I'm sceptical of that. If you look at you will also see he lists Boz Boorer on the people he'd cross the road to avoid but he seems to like Boz so maybe that's just a bit of a joke to wind them up?
    15. DamienDempsey
      I would never claim that. I'm actually a really hot blonde girl with brown eyes, I resemble Kate Winslet but I'm much prettier!
    16. Anonymous
      Ha!! Just warming up mate! What a leter of petrol can do! Those security screws have to sleep some where. They can't hide forever! No Remorse ! Hi there Morrissey! Graves End Loves ya....National Front Skins
    17. hand in glove
      hand in glove
      So, he doesn't want a record I think I felt my heart crack.
    18. Anonymous
      You persuade me. My Mom will iron me Fred Perry polo in the morning and let's meet at dairy ice cream shop at 10 (i like vanilla).
    19. DamienDempsey
      There is likely a twist in the story. Morrissey is very crafty, after-all. I'd say he is no longer looking for a record label because he's signed with one over the past 48, or 24, hours. He will never disappear because he cannot help but make brilliant music. His last album was the most beautiful thing, even surpassing in magnificence Quarry.
    20. Anonymous
      I find it incredible that Morrissey has now all but proven he is the author of and hardly anyone has commented on it.

      This is the big news from the Palladium, not whether he sang IKIO well or not!!

      I don't feel like going to bed. This is just too funny and exciting!!

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