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    Set List:

    I Want The One I Can't Have / Irish Blood, English Heart / You're The One For Me, Fatty / Everyday Is Like Sunday / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Action Is My Middle Name / Come Back To Camden / I Know It's Over / Scandinavia / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Satellite Of Love / The Kid's A Looker / You Have Killed Me / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Speedway / Meat is Murder // First Of The Gang To Die

    set list provided by an anonymous person, from a bootleg tracklisting

    Morrissey – review by Kitty Empire, The Observer. Link from an anonymous person
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Aug 8, 2011.

    1. Anonymous
      Did he play Panic?
    2. Anonymous
      good gig, somewhat effete and exhausted but nonetheless a circular swan of delight
    3. goinghome
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    4. earlofnowhere
      I left after the disgusting violence committed by the security.
      Boz to his credit looked suitably upset, unlike anyone else. Shame on anyone who participated or turned a blind eye, you are vile pigs.
      I complained to the manager immediately who tried to sympathise but said they had nothing to do with him.
      I went to 5 dates on the current tour, this was the worst by far.
    5. Anonymous
      Oh get real... The security were ridiculously heavy handed but they were just carrying people out not hitting people. it was like an old fashioned moz show. and it was the very best of the 3 i saw on this tour.

      "welcome to my world" were moz's first words...
    6. Anonymous
      fake post.
    7. Anonymous
    8. lastparty
      Moz was good tonight, but not great. I took a friend who hadn't seen Moz since Vauxhall and he was surprised at the size of gap between the great moments (I know It's Over, Speedway) and the songs that need working on musically.
      It was very bloody short again, was that as short as Brixton last night? Don't correct me.
    9. Anonymous
      Viva Moz! INDEED!
    10. Anonymous
      Great moment when some geezer got onstage and was almost being held upside down but still reached out to try and get a handshake. So close.
    11. Anonymous
      fake post. Because, if you ever been to M gig lately, "It was very bloody short again", you will detect the standard M gig lenght. In best part, probably this is your first M concert.
      Also, "I took a friend who hadn't seen Moz since Vauxhall and he was surprised at the size of gap between the great moments (I know It's Over, Speedway) and the songs that need working on musically." There is no logic in your comment. If you friend is M live gig expert, where was he for the last two decades??? Now, move on, son, there is burger shop nearby your shack.
    12. Sean G
      Sean G
      Good gig. He played Come Back to Camden, The Kids a Looker - but didn't play Art-Hounds. He was on good form and said they had a good night in Brixton - inside the venue. And thanked the crew and everyone for coming to the tour. He also said he had a revelation.....he doesn't want a record contract. I've been on all the tours since 1990 and I think the band sound better on each tour - and Morrissey's voice seems to get better with age. A great gig - the highlight for me on this tour was Hop Farm - Dublin and the London dates were all fantastic.
    13. bored
      I went to every show on the V&I tour. All 0 of them.
    14. deco105
      I liked it but not as great as Brixton. I too think the security was quite harsh, there will be footage on youtube of people being carried away quite violently... but nothing compared to what's happening right now in Clapham!
    15. Anonymous
      Yep agree good but not great, as mentioned quite a few attempts to get on stage. David Walliam's and wife in attendance in one of the boxes the Mrs informs me 'slimmer in person' interestingly !

      Loved 'I Know Its Over'-not sold on 'Scandinavia' yet

      M asked the crowd if they were 'sagging' halfway through

      More Royal jibes, something about seeing a dead deer and Wills n Kate being around

      FOTGTD as an encore was great
    16. NowhereFast'18
      Great gig, I thought, well for me anyway. Secuirty were rough, definitely, but not absolutely horrifically so I thought compared to some shows I've been to. The invasions during Speedway, although disrupting my favourite song, were poignant to watch, and his response after they'd sorted out the trouble during the pause saying "Now where were we?" made me laugh. I hope everyone's ok who got ejected by that security.

      Most exciting (to me) news is that he told us he's stopped looking for a record deal and decided he doesn't want one. Left it more or less at that, except sacrastically answering a couple of questions about wether this is the end of his career. I hope this means he'll release his own, rather than not at all!

      There's was no Panic played, or Art-Hounds. What I remember being played was: (no particular order) '...Paris...', 'There Is A light...', FOTGTD (encore), 'Speedway', 'I Know It's Over', MIM, 'One Day Goodbye...', EDILS, 'I Want the One...' (opener), 'The Kid's A Looker', 'Action...', 'Scandanavia', YHKM, Satellite of Love, 'Come Back to Camden', 'Ouija...', IBEH, '...Fatty...'.

      Quite talkative I guess: the thank-you's at the end to everyone were very sweet to listen to, but the most memorable comment for me was before Meat is Murder, where he said words to the effect of whilst wandering backstage at teh venue earlier he 'came accross a shot baby deer, so knew Will and Kate had been here', and carried on to 'find bear-traps packaged ready to send to Canada, so knew the Queen had been here'. There were a few funny remarks about the venue, which he still seems very fond of. And also about the car not starting properly during '...Paris...'!
    17. Anonymous
      1990? I think we all missed that tour? Please enlighten!
    18. Anonymous
      By the way. I agree with everything else you have said, but for me Stoke stole the heart of this tour. It was a fantastic night that one of us saw coming, Shit town though (sorry Stoke - but it's true)
    19. deco105

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