Lokeren - Lokerse Feesten (Aug. 4, 2011) post-show

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By davidt on Aug 5, 2011 at 12:00 AM
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    Set List:

    I Want The One I Can't Have / First Of The Gang To Die / You're The One For Me, Fatty / You Have Killed Me / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Alma Matters / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Scandinavia / Satellite Of Love / I Know It's Over / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Meat is Murder / Speedway / Irish Blood, English Heart

    set list provided by The Smiths Indeed

    Video news report - deredactie.be. Link from an anonymous person.
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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Aug 5, 2011.

    1. Anonymous

      No "I Want The One I Can't Have" and "Ouija Board, Ouija Board" tonight as the set at the Douglass Royal Hall. This Charming Man was re-introduced to the setlist and "Roy's Keen" was added. The reaction to Roy's Keen was indifferent and Morrissey seemed disappointed. Other than that, he and his band were in excellent form.
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    2. Anonymous

      Fantastic gig
      Sadly riley is still confined to the psychiatric clinicfor morrissey obssesed nut jobs
      high powered ear plugs were given to those entering for fear of kristeen young distorting what u ever appreciated about music
      no it really is good shes just shite

      he then started singing some nursery rhymes
      the crowd exploded
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    3. Anonymous
      Thanks for getting in early with a proper review before all the trolls derail the thread! Sounds like it was a super night!
    4. CrystalGeezer
      Kristeen didn't open, dumbass.
    5. Anonymous
      gernews editors


      just between toilet cleaning duties

      have to keep myself amused

      but really she is worse than dire be honest
    6. Anonymous
      its a troll post what do u expect them to say? all things true maybe?
    7. CrystalGeezer
      I guess I'm asking the trolls to raise it a notch and at least check their facts and try to make it witty if we have to put up with their shit.
    8. Anonymous
      Saw Mozzer 15 times since Dublin castle 2004, and as i remember i never heard a pop song being covered till today (Satellite of love). Show was ok, nothing special, never is when you're in the back of the field, standing close to the stage is always better, no tshirt throwing, to stage invasion, just a date on his schedule; i thought he said "il y a Boz" and "il y a..." other people, that's French and not nice to say in Flanders part of Belgium. But proud of his first Belgian festival show. Tom bxl
    9. Anonymous
      A " troll- post", is a moolies pipe stuck between your mums legs. As for the k.y., that's the lube your mum uses for the moolies pipe!
    10. Anonymous
      Morrissey Lokeren set (full report later):

      The One/Gang/Fatty/Killed/Light/Sunday/Alma/Goodbye/Scandinavia/Satellite/"intros"/Over/Paris/Ouija/Meat/Speed/Irish

      No encore. Lyric change: "to someone, somewhere... in Antwerp, I don't know"

      The Smiths Indeed
    11. Anonymous
      [Maybe the untalented cat screechin shit didnt open tonight
      #but i take offence that paying for a standing gig and queueing early we have to listen to that
      friggin rubbish before he comes on

      its bad enough listenin to his taped friggin music thats shit

      she rubs salt in the wound

      QUOTE=Anonymous;1986668354]Thanks for getting in early with a proper review before all the trolls derail the thread! Sounds like it was a super night![/QUOTE]
    12. Anonymous
      just back from Lokerse Feesten - great show but it was over way too soon, pity there were no encores (maybe he counted the two songs he performed after his custome change to be encores).
    13. Anonymous
      the more i listen to decent music yes like my brother jake
      kashmir houses of the holy black night us and them etc etc

      the more i realise what fuckin nonces ive been listenin to
      and if ky jelly comes close

      she couldnt even clean their drains
      if thats what morrissey adnires well proves loads
      ive often thought hes shit
      now we see why
    14. The Smiths Indeed
      The Smiths Indeed
      Usual intro movies, in the same order as Stoke (for example). Operation drum intro did seem to last quite long. Anticipation...
      Oh, by the way, I suddenly got the Stoke reference to "Margaret Row's??? house". It's a quote from 'Queenie's Castle'.... Look it up.

      "Are you ready to take a risk?"
      "thank you"
      FIRST OF THE GANG TO DIE "[during intro to the song:] Julia, nobody knows, nobody knows"
      "thank you. thank you."
      YOU'RE THE ONE FOR ME, FATTY (tambourine used)
      "Do you have any objections? I shall give you time. You'll think of some."
      YOU HAVE KILLED ME (lyric change: "what the hell is YOUR life for" & "I forgive you, because the night is made for lovers", "thank you")
      "oh, the weather, oh, the weather, oh, the weather - what happened"
      *** may I add at this point his voice was sometimes ever so slightly overstretched. perhaps the festival sound. perhaps not. ***
      EVERYDAY IS LIKE SUNDAY ("on your face. on MY face? - on your FACE FACE FACE" - always a highlight!)
      [over the outro to EVERYDAY: "all my life is buried here - bleak earth upon it" - an Oscar Wilde quote from his poem Requiescat]
      "thank you - urgh urgh"
      ALMA MATTERS [lyric change second chorus: "to someone, somewhere - in Antwerp, I DON'T KNOW"] mmm... what did he mean???
      *** may I add at his point that he really, REALLY seemed into enunciating each word very clearly - you know what I mean - he did ***
      ONE DAY GOODBYE WILL BE FAREWELL ["so somebody grab me while there's still time."]
      "thank you. chanson Scandinavia."
      SATELLITE OF LOVE [he still CANNOT STAND the tv]
      band introductions: "Il y a Boz Boorer. Il y a Solomon Walker. Playing the drums - the drums! - is Matthew Walker. Playing the piano is Gustavo Manzur. And standing here is Jesse Tobi--i-i-i Jesse Tobias. Yes, you're very kind. [pretends to sneeze] Hatchoo."
      "thank you"
      I'M THROWING MY ARMS AROUND PARIS ["I STUMBLE all over the place"]
      "The wind is wuthering."
      MEAT IS MURDER [Because this was a festival gig, we got to see the video's properly on the festival screens by the side of the stage - very powerful.]
      (lyric change: "The meat in your GREAT BIG FAT MOUTH IS MURDER" and instead of 'how animals die' "but - do you care, do you care, do you care?"]
      "Thank you. For those of you who listened - thank you."
      SPEEDWAY [very long break mid-s0ng again]
      [I noticed him mouthing or gesturing the next song to the band - possibly dropping one...?]
      "Time's tide will smother you."
      "God bless you."

      1 hour 6 minutes. No encore. Exit: 'Death' (Klaus Nomi)

      1 shirt change (none thrown) - from pink to sparkly red after Meat Is Murder.
    15. The Smiths Indeed
    16. Anonymous
      He played a total of 66 minutes and people continue to rave about the setlist and his perform. What a rip off Morrissey, you should be ashamed of yourself for not putting in a honest nights work. I've noticed as the tour unfolds the setlist gets shorter. If he decides to play America will he even make a hour.
    17. The Smiths Indeed
      The Smiths Indeed
      * lyric change Irish Blood "... this silly queen who still salutes him, and will salute him fovever."
    18. The Smiths Indeed
      The Smiths Indeed
      * lyric change There Is A Light: "because I haven't got one and I don't want one"
    19. Anonymous
      Well done, Indeed, well done!!

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