LMFAO! BBC dick is a dick



"BBC would cost £400 per year if turned into subscription service, says Tim Davie

Corporation claims it offers almost twice the value for money as Netflix, but warns documentaries could soon be cut"

Netflix in the UK is £5.99. Other options are available at £9.99 and £13.99. Those prices are based on the amount of screens that Netflix can be viewed on in your house and are HD and Ultra HD respectively.

So if you went with the £13.99 option, it would cost you £167.88 a year. Not 400 f***ing pounds!

Btw, there's nothing on the BBC worth subscribing for. Nothing!


team bougatsa
The BBC needs to stop trying to appease the woke. Go woke go broke!

Ketamine Sun

Maybe they give Mozzy his own tv show?

that should fix things. :blushing:


You can subscribe to Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV and Disney+ for £216.75 per year.

BBC subscription, £400. LOL!
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