Live Nation: Bangkok & Hong Kong now cancelled (November 9, 2023)

Another sad day. 😔




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No official confirmation of Hong Kong cancellation yet, at least from HK ticket outlet or HK Live Nation. I will live in hope until then!
If the Aussie tour doesn’t get canceled I’d bet my life that M said: “it’ll be much faster / easier to bypass those other countries and just jump straight into the down under leg.”
South China Morning Post:
British singer Morrissey’s concerts in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok cancelled
(no new details, avoid the site if you dislike pop-ups).
I know that Morrissey suffers from a chronic health condition that requires ongoing medical attention. Therefore, it's expected that sometimes he might not feel well enough and able to travel and sing, even though he plans ahead and wants to do it.

I hope Moz is all right and the actual reason for the cancellations is some problem that can be solved shortly so that the tour can go on.
Yes, enough with "He should, he could, he ought to - self release / go indie / change the setlist to no/low keyboards / hire someone else / call Gustavo / take a cover player etc. etc... When there would be a much better idea: ask Miley to come on stage in a sort of redeeming and both sing Veronica vocals and play keyboard. Basta and done!
I'd bought my flights/hotel for HK :-(. I've bought my flights to Perth on points (so no money wasted there). If Melbourne happens which is where I live then I assume the rest of the tour is OK - I'll only book flights/hotels for the rest of the Australia/NZ tour then.

Sorry you got the shaft on HK. I limited my enthusiasm to keep it Australia-only for this go-around. I've held of as well for Brisbane and Melbourne. Sydney is close enough, but none of this gives me good feelings.
He is a Gemini…
I don’t want to get into the legitimacy and or accuracy of astrological signs, but he is a Gemini= Gemini’s Twin
I say this because you were implying that it seems as though he has a split or dual personality.

...Is it you, Boy George?
I've already booked and paid for my flights to Hong Kong. Bloody hell. I'm furious. (Yes, I'm a mug for thinking he was going to actually turn up.)
Lucky I am already here. Funny thing is, I only found out about tonight's gig this morning - no email from the ticker people and I don't read these sites. Fortunately it's at a venue I haven't been to for a while so I wanted to see the best way to get there and saw that it was cancelled. I'm also fortunate that he didn't cancel the HK gig in 2016 so at least I got to see him.

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