Live in Dallas 91 Audio

Famous when dead

Any chance someone can upload a non lossy audio version of this? I think there was a bootleg called the Uncle is Dead? Thanks!
I don't believe "The Uncle Is Dead" is any form of superior recording lossless or otherwise.
It was either a VHS or DVD audio rip (my money's on VHS) which became 'soundboard' as someone described it as such circa '07 when it surfaced and was shared here.
I haven't seen that boot ever shared above 320 here or anywhere.
STorrents never shared Dallas due to their stance on copyright.
There's no real difference in sound on the VHS/DVD or my LaserDisc.
I have just ripped the VOBs from the DVD (yet again) and will turn them in to FLAC tomorrow.
It is very time consuming and I personally can't see much benefit that twice/triple the file size has over the 320 I have posted.
It will be a large file and will not be tagged.
Look for it tonight (UK time).
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