Live DVDs-Why the reluctance?


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With so many unauthorised Morrissey releases around (for which he apparently receives no royalties)- why do you think Morrissey has released so few live DVDs of his concerts? I can only think of Dallas, Introducing Morrissey and Who put the M in Manchester?
I was so looking forward to the Hollywood bowl DVD which looks like will never be released. :tears:

So, why no new authorised DVD which surely would be a best seller.
Do other artists release a lot of DVDs? I know usually the flavour of the month band releases a DVD but I'm talking about artists like Morrissey who don't sell millions with each release. I presume it costs a bit to market and distribute these releases so it might work out that they cost too much money for your basic mid-range artist.
If Morrissey releseads many live dvd, probably, his performance would be so vain... However, when he gives us a dvd it's really good perfomance and this gig has good set list.

Although, I think Live in Dallas isn't so good...
surprised the Hollywood Bowl (2007) dvd hasn't surfaced - why pro shot a show and not release?
I believe Morrissey is very difficult with his live performances. I feel he doesn't like seeing something that might be slightly imperfect out there for posterity. At least unlike Madonna he doesn't re-record his vocal part on his live DVDs (she did this for the DVD of her latest tour).

I wish we were spoiled by Morrissey the way Bjork fans are spoiled. They got live DVDs of every tour she's done, and sometimes even more.

In answer to the question posed in the title.... it's not a reluctance..... it's just artists cannot release a DVD on every tour they do. It would be commercial suicide.
I have only two live albums in my entire collection.
Siouxsie & The Banshees - Nocturn (because I was there one of the two nights they recorded it)
The Smiths - Rank

Have played both maybe 3 times each.......

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