Live At The Hollywood Bowl DVD

This appears in the current issue of 'Hot Press' in the DVD review section,p.92 : "Morrissey : Live at the Holywood Bowl" (Warner Vision) ~ Despite being disowned by Stephen (sic) Patrick - "The sleeve art is appalling. It's the work of cash hounds, and I urge people NOT to buy it" - this is a cracking "Greatest Hits" package, which in between the opening 'The Queen Is Dead' and closing 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out' manages to squeeze in five other Smiths classics. A seriously rocking 'Irish Blood, English Heart' and equally muscular 'You Have Killed Me' prove that he doesn't need Johnny Marr to keep his songwriting mojo properly maintained.
The photo alongside is of the previously seen cover, no release date given.
'HP' is a fortnightly publication so the reviews are usually pretty topical, unlike the montly mags. Has this reviewer actually seen the disc ? Who can really tell ? If he has, then Warner must have sent out promo copies. Eire-only release ? Perhaps that's the most we can hope for.
Wikipedia says it's going to be released on March 1, "according to HMV"...
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