Live At The Hollywood Bowl DVD

well .. that sucks, he doesn't make it easy .. canceled tour of australia, canceled dvd because he has a whinge ... remind me why i love him so much again?

The DVD was never something he wanted.. The Oz tour.. we'll see.

The disappointment for me is how awesome that setlist was. That would have been a great show to have on DVD.
Perhaps it's his way of making us pay for downloading the new album leak. :p
Well either they don't think they are going to make enough money out of it, or Morrissey was telling the truth when he said they broke their agreement by releasing it, and they don't want to get sued.
Did any promo copies make outta the gates? I f***in hoping bc I know someone will make some hard ca$h if they make copies of it....I want one btw.
Aahhh!! I was so looking forward to this dvd.:mad:
Well Morrissey did not want us to buy it because he wasnt going to make any money from it. He may have managed to halt its production. Doesnt mean it wont be released, he may have managed to get involved and so its release may be delayed. The footage does exist and I am sure it will find its way to the fans somehow.

Then again, in 2004 the LA shows were recorded and nothing came out of that.
Hollywood DVD cancelled ??

Hi Just got this email from HMV.

We’re getting in touch to let you know that all or part of your recent order from has been cancelled

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We have been informed by the suppliers that this item has been discontinued from their catalogue, as the manufacturer is now longer producing the item. It has therefore been cancelled from your order. Please note that you have not been charged for this item. has one of the most complete and up to date databases in the world. However, obtaining confirmation of discontinued titles can take time to be communicated to us from the distributors. We always endeavour to keep our catalogue as up to date as possible, and the product page on the web site is being updated to reflect this deletion.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment that this may have caused.


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Re: Hollywood DVD cancelled ??

I give 5 seconds for this thread to be Kewpi'd...
Re: Hollywood DVD cancelled ??

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