Live At The Hollywood Bowl audio on Spotify


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Came across this today and it left me quite puzzled.

I don't know how or why but the complete audio of the aborted Live At The Hollywood Bowl DVD from 2007 can be found on Spotify, in the form of an episode of the AVANTPOP podcast by Italian webradio RKO from 16 March 2021. This was never officially released of course, so I'm assuming the source is the leaked DVD rip.

Info on the podcast:

Stream on Spotify:

Sounds really good too.

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Huh! That came out of left field. Appreciate it, though, and appreciate you letting us know!


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Huh! That came out of left field. Appreciate it, though, and appreciate you letting us know!

It's very odd and almost certainly not approved by any official channels, so I wouldn't be surprised if it disappeared again...

It just reminded me that among the most recently announced and subsequently (inevitably) scrapped re-releases a Live At The Hollywood Bowl was also mentioned, though format (or date...) were not specified.

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Is this an upgrade from the existing source? Or is it the ripped “DVD” audio? My source doesn’t have the fadeout of the intro music.
Love this show. Thank you!

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Probably sourced from here or ST.
Nothing to do with anything official.
Not an upgrade.
They feature many live things that aren't approved for release.
The promo disc can still be found out there and that is worth owning - the digital version did the rounds here was lossless whereas this is a very lossy and compressed version.

(Should add - the disc image shared here would yield the 'best' digital audio version available anywhere).

Further - the stream is just under 100mb in total. So nowhere near 320 even.

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Thank you so much for the clarification and rip. I guess I was slightly excited by the talk of a vinyl version way back when...
Much appreciated @FWD.
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