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I've just received what was advertised as Morrissey - Live At Earls Court advance promotional CD-R (UK) from a well known dealer. However what I got in the post appears to be a 'pressed' promotional CD (UK) of the same album, nice but I already own a copy. Can someone please post photo proof of what the sleeve and disc actually looks like so I can use it as evidence that this copy isn't the advertised CD-R version.

If I have no joy with the dealer, I'll soon be advertising a cheap promo on these pages!

Many thanks


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You mean... you got this:
instead of the one with the white border around the cover?


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Hi Flax,

Yeah that's the one I received (and already own), I did check your rather cool web site for photo's of the CD-R. I know Stephane has the sleeve shown on his web page (should have looked there first) but I am still looking for photo proof of the actual disc.


Sorry about the crap quality, but it is different from the factory pressed one as you can see.

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