List of Smiths white labels and test pressings

Does anyone happen to have matrix #s for test/wl pressings of What Difference Does it Make?, How Soon is Now (non-mispress), and Shakespeares Sister? That would cover all the 7" singles up to That Joke...


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It would be interesting to know if anyone could tell why sometimes coloured labels were used for test pressings. Most often they seems to have been white but sometimes they are green or blue or red. Is it just a result of what labels were available at the time for pressing or what?


I think they use whatever's around. I can tell you that what may seem to be white labels are sometimes the unprinted backs of printed labels by other artists, they've just loaded them upside down to use the white side.

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7" HSIN t/p

Matrix numbers on Side A are RT-176-A LYN-15492-1C Z, Side B is RT-176-B LYN-15493-1C-Z. Inscription on Side A is The Tatty Truth
I've definately got 'The Boy With The Thorn In His Side' 12" purple label t.p. but I can't seem to find it at the mo', I've got it twice the 1st copy has what it is written on it & the 2nd copy is left unmarked, so I may have a box of stuff somewhere (hopefully in the attic), will let you know asap.


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