Lisbon - Coliseum (Oct. 6, 2014) post-show

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By davidt on Oct 6, 2014 at 10:30 PM
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    Post your info and reviews related to this concert in the comments section below. Other links (photos, external reviews, etc.) related to this concert will also be compiled in this section as they are sent in.

    Set List:

    The Queen Is Dead / Speedway / Certain People I Know / The Bullfighter Dies / Kiss Me A Lot / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / World Peace Is None Of Your Business / Istanbul / Neal Cassady Drops Dead / Earth Is The Loneliest Planet / Trouble Loves Me / Kick the Bride Down The Aisle / One Of Our Own / I'm Not A Man / Hand In Glove / Meat Is Murder / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell // Asleep / First Of The Gang To Die

    set list provided by Lionsy.

    Posted by docinwestchester:

    Pics from Imagem do Som / Facebook:



    Link posted by CrystalGeezer (original post):

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    Err not my photo from tonight! #morrissey

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Discussion in 'Tour archive (read-only)' started by davidt, Oct 6, 2014.

    1. Mrs. Phyllis Torgo
      Mrs. Phyllis Torgo
      Yep. Add it to the list of glaring, embarrassing Morrissey hypocrisies.

      He hates corrupt government cronyism, but supports the Olympics.
      He condemns US/UK foreign policy, but supports Israel.
      He supports animal rights, but wears leather.
      He "never would destroy this planet," but travels around in a private jet
      He wont tour in Canada for the seal hunt, but will in Japan (whaling), UK (fox hunting), Spain (bullfighting), France (Foie gras), US (everything)
      He's not racist, but he backs the UKIP, calls the Chinese a subspecies, decries immigration destroying the "British identity"...
    2. Lil'Bastard
      Please tell me we aren't headed to the Island of Dr. Morrissey

    3. AztecCamera
      When does Morrissey wear leather?

      I really don't think those are Olympic sweat pants, just some company using a very similar ring logo. Again, it's the Kickball Brit fantasy where Brits like to fantasize that Morrissey likes a Kickball team and plays Kickball on a Sunday is some dreary typical Brit park full of raghead terrorists that have taken over England.

      Looks like Boz is losing some weight. That's good to see.
    4. keene
      One of Our Own....It's so good.
    5. Morrissey_Sucks
      Cancer? Morrissey! No! Get well....
    6. keene
      One of the most artistic, complex and powerful protest songs ever written by anybody! 'I'm Not a Man".

      Thanks for posting this....wish I was there.
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    7. Anonymous
      Is he miming ?
      When he lowers the mic away from his mouth and the lyrics kick back in he appears to be singing at loud volume !

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    8. FAN
      I am surprised no one has pointed out how poor this setlist is--except for TQID, Certain People, Hand in Glove. I would have been seriously pissed if I paid to see this shitty setlist and that horrible white outfit.

      Was that a Blue Rose?! I guess that means the blog will stay open---yay!
    9. Anonymous
      The good news is that Morrissey seems to be in generally good health and voice. The band however were pretty shoddy, with several mistakes, and a couple of songs that had to be restarted. The sound in the venue was also generally not very good. 'World Peace' the album sounds amazing thanks to the production - live however it seemed to be a step back to chug-rock/'pub backing band. Hopefully things will improve as the tour continues, as to be honest this was a pretty shaky start.
    10. docinwestchester
      Kiss Me A Lot (with Ezra Pound in the background pic):

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    11. Anonymous
      He doesn't travel in a private jet, he's not Beyoncé.
    12. CrystalGeezer
      Benny, you're a turd. Did some slip drip into your ears? He's not miming.
    13. docinwestchester
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    14. Anonymous
      What was below the Olympic logo on the pants? What were the three letters - could anyone tell?
    15. Anonymous
      thank you for providing so much material, doc. :)
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    16. Viva Mozza
      Viva Mozza
      Yes, thanks a lot for the videos. I'm really looking forward to the German gigs.
    17. Anonymous
      I would be so mad standing behind the person waving that stupid flower.
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    18. Anonymous
      I know; the morning news is running that report in the crawl. I don't know if they have just taken information from that interview and posted it or something else is going on, but I felt like I was punched in the throat when I read it. I will be truly heartsick if he is seriously ill.

    19. Anonymous
      By the way, the blue rose idiots (there were two of them) were a pair of 14 year old sisters, who looked like they were locals. As they were children, I will forgive them for reading bullshit online, and being taken in by insane cultists. Morrissey refused to take their blue rose, despite them waving it about and pointing at it all gig. Finally, they chucked it on stage at the encore, and one of the crew immediately rushed on and swept it offstage - we all laughed.
    20. Johnny Barleycorn
      Johnny Barleycorn
      I am surprised how quickly the press have jumped on this apparent admission by Morrissey. He did not mention cancer treatment just cancerous tissues and the press seem to not have taken into account Morrissey's history of hyperbole and outright lying.

      There are only so many internal places on the human body you can scrape from the outside. Bearing in mind Morrissey's previous ailments in his case the throat seems to start favourite. It may well be that rather than cancerous tissues they have discovered pre-cancerous cells.

      My wife had pre-cancerous cells lasered out of an intimate place, and she's still fine twenty years later.

      Also it does seem strange that such an announcement would be made in a minor interview in the Spanish press. You would expect such a thing to be announced on TTY. At least he can claim a translation error.

      If he hasn't got cancer after all it might all be a bit embarrassing. Only Morrissey could engineer a situation where it might be better for his reputation if he did.

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