Lisbon - a new Manchester band


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Streaming the tracks at the moment - will probably be downloading the EP.
I'm very interested. I'm assuming you are the singer? If so, you have a very lovely voice, and trust me, it's no easy task to get me to like vocals - being a vocalist myself, it's probably the number one thing I pay attention to when listening to new bands, often a deciding factor as to whether I like them or not. You've got a very spotless baritone with a strong falsetto. Much akin to Stefan Larsen of Northern Portrait.
The melodies kept my interest rather well, also; my favorite was probably "Empires."
"Memory Song" is in my opinion the strongest song on the EP - very well done, I'd love to hear that someday with more polished production.

I'll be completely honest, the only thing I dislike about your band is the lyrics. This could just be due to my own preference, but I felt they left a bit to be desired - that they just meandered on at times and didn't really match the emotion with which you were singing. I feel if you had stronger lyrics, you could have some real hits on your hands. Regardless, as it is, I'm sure LISBON is due for a decent amount of success once you can make some more professional recordings :) Good luck, and definitely keep us posted here on what's going on with you guys. I'm certainly interested and would be willing to promote you in the future, as my ensemble enjoys plugging the worthwhile new music that we like.


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Thank you very much for the reply, it is so nice that you chose to have a bloody good listen and reply! We are a very new band and so I am encouraged with your feedback. Obviously, I am disappointed that you did not like my lyrics, because I feel I am singing my life as it were, but I must take on board what you have said because you seem knowledgeable and passionate about music. I am chuffed to bits about your assessment of my voice - thank you. Anyway, get in touch if you ever want more information about us. Hopefully, this is just the start for us.


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Certainly - a band at it's inception is always a very interesting thing to watch. Again, my feelings toward the lyrics could just be my own personal preference. It's obvious to me at least that you are dealing honestly with what you write about - that's really all it takes. I enjoy your sound - it's very Northern Portrait, indeed. Just 'liked' Lisbon's facebook page and added the page to Suavity's Mouthpiece favorites :thumb: We'll certainly plug future goings-on in Lisbon-land.
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