Morrissey Central "Line Up" - Band line up announced (May 6, 2022)


The Morrissey band line-up for next week's shows is

Jesse Tobias (guitars),
Alain Whyte (guitars)
Gustavo Manzur (keyboard/guitar),
Brendan Buckley (drums)
Juan Galeano Toro (bass).



Unfortunately NDA's prevent information coming out in public.

I've already heard the best band twice now. Once with Boz and Alain in 199x. The only issue was M with his tuning - which thankfully improved with age. The other with Boz, Mando, Drummer Walker and Jesse.

It's just 'a matter of opinion' but other musicians will come and go. These are just session musicians to minimise costs. One might expect it in the absence of US/UK/European Record Deals.)


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Absolute rubbish, in your dreams fella.
Not rubbish at just want it to be. Do you know the story of when he got sacked? I bet you don't so keep stepin

Besides all of that...he has been an ass to me on several occasions. Not that anybody would give that consideration....

He is not the only talentless band member to think they are more than they are. Ask Spencer Corbin or the countless others.


Regarding the question, is Boz still in Morrissey's band... there's this new announcement that he has new material. Not sure if this answers it one way or another.
Not really - Boz has released solo albums before (most recent in 2016) without it affecting his status in Morrissey's band:

Whatever his status, and as much as I like the guy, I must say Alain is by far the better guitarist and it is refreshing to hear him again.

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The Morrissey band line-up missing is

Boz Boorer (guitars)
Spencer Cobrin (drums)
Gary Day (bass)
Here's hoping for Boz 60th birthday bash with all the boys including his masters's voice or at least for an acoustic set with Moz, Boz and Alain who apperently are all in the USA. And no f*'*' "travel restrictions" anymore as an argument against Boz being with Moz. Otherwise it is serious.

Just show that you can be buddies. Without prejudice and with a glorious common past. Is that still possible at 60 and all that has happened? If you want to, IMAO.
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The Morrissey band line-up missing is

Boz Boorer (guitars)
Spencer Cobrin (drums)
Gary Day (bass)
You're welcome to your opinion, and to each their own, but Spencer is the second worst drummer Morrissey has performed with, only above Spike Smith, IMO.

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