Morrissey Central "Line Up" - Band line up announced (May 6, 2022)


The Morrissey band line-up for next week's shows is

Jesse Tobias (guitars),
Alain Whyte (guitars)
Gustavo Manzur (keyboard/guitar),
Brendan Buckley (drums)
Juan Galeano Toro (bass).

Uncleskinny told you all that Boz quit years ago.
He also told us he had never read the Guardian and then someone found a post where he said he’d been reading it for the last 25 years or something.
So, just a day away from the first show.
Assuming a 22 songs set-list, I'd hope for something like:
- 3 Smiths (ones that hadn't been played much before)
- 4 or 5 Bona Drag era
- 5 more from the 90's (including some Morrissey/Nevin songs such as Driving Your G/F or Sing Your Life)
- 0 from the 2000-2010's
- 2 from World Peace
- 0 from California Son
- 4 from Dog on a Chain
- 3 new ones
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Ustedes "fans" británicos celosos, amargados y engañados y otros "fans" variados a millones de millas del suroeste de los EE. UU. Que nunca volverán a ver California Son en concierto deben detenerse con la mierda de los mexicanos en Los Ángeles. Hay diferentes tipos de personas en los espectáculos de California Son en Los Ángeles y los caucásicos son siempre la mayoría. He estado en conciertos de California Son en San Diego, que está a 20 minutos de la frontera con México y no he visto gente mexicana allí. Ustedes también olvidan que California Son nació en Los Ángeles y no es mexicano. ¿Lo entiendes?...¡HIJO DE CALIFORNIA!
Yeah, and they're both the title track.
the title track will almost certainly be played because of the mention of peace is a great album and was well recieved on here at the time.
Is that Lilliam Hellman? Mr Shandy once appeared in her 'Watch on the Rhine' as performed by the Ashton Under Lyne Amateur Players. It was a very experimental production and chose not to tour.
Gary Day is a WANKER!
WHY do you say Gary Day is a wanker??! Personally I think he was one of the best bassists for Morrissey (both upright slap and regular bass!) and he is one cool (looking) dude!!!?
If Boz is in Portugal now, why is he doing a birthday concert in the Island of Staten in a few weeks?
Getting that Christmas Eve feeling! At least one brand new Morrissey song to be aired for the very first time in just a few hours which Sam Rayner has told us is better than This Charming Man, and Morrissey himself said reminded him that he is pretty good at some things in life (or words to that effect). Of course, it won't be up there with TCM but I'm expecting at least a pretty good late-era song. One more sleep!

I wonder when the next purge is ? Who will wind up in the lineup change Gulag ?
Boz is being re-educated at the moment I'm sure he will be back when he is found a
worthy Comrade again. Alain did 17 years in the Gulag. It's not hard to displease the Boss.
Unfortunately NDA's prevent information coming out in public.

I've already heard the best band twice now. Once with Boz and Alain in 199x. The only issue was M with his tuning - which thankfully improved with age. The other with Boz, Mando, Drummer Walker and Jesse.

It's just 'a matter of opinion' but other musicians will come and go. These are just session musicians to minimise costs. One might expect it in the absence of US/UK/European Record Deals.)

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