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Everybody go on google images and type in The most beautiful album!

You get a funny result!!!
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Re: An interesting article!

Reading this crap makes me want to smash the 15 year old me in the face with a brick.


Re: Ive learned a new definition today!

Please keep all your discoveries / random observations in one thread.
I don't know why but I just read that and literally laughed out loud.

cornelius blaze

Boychild mustn't tremble!
Re: Be sure to like this facebook page!!!

Why are your gifs so small? Have I broken my internetz?
coz photobucket want my money!



My secret's my enzyme.
Hey Linds, we have a park down the street that in the wintertime is normal, standard playground equipment. Then in the summertime it's that with water.They have fountains and hoses and whatnot rigged up so that you swing and slide while getting drenched. It's always packed. You'd dig it.


Re: Look at today's word of the day on Urban dictionary!!!

Is this Urban the swede (that posts on here) dictionary web sight ? Never heard of it .
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