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Your boy tonight was pretty amazing. Short set. Ridiculously short, kind of cut short. The ticket said the concert lasted til 11:00. We were walking out at 10:15 and there was no encore, in fact everyone was sort of was like he suddenly decided he wanted to hang out back stage with the choir, but it was an amazing show. Be glad you didn't buy a ticket and fly to California just to see the show. He did TWO songs from Sea Change (my fave album tbh) and closed with Where It's At with a few gospelly tunes in the middle I didn;t recognize but were easy to sing along with. I grabbed some video for you of Where It's At because he started dancing and riffing and I thought you'd totally dig that. You can get a feel for the awkward ending, we all thought he was going to groove into the crowd or come back out for an encore, nope. Show's over. There was a real Revival Meeting/Baptist feeling about the show, part of it was because the venue (Union Station in downtown LA) Is a tad like a cathedral, the concert held in what would be the transept where they used to sell train tickets in the old days...but Beck had a gospel choir singing back up and it was phenomenal. I loved every second, except for the awkward ending. And he looks like a BABY! So young and tiny and fresh-faced. He must be eating something right or Scientology is working out for him or something, he doesn't look older than 20 and he;s in his 40s, isn't he? I happened to be at the barrier in the center and learned quickly it;s better to be a tad off-center as every pic had the microphone in his face. I took EVERY pic with you in mind, it's like you were there. There was little banter, the girl next to me screamed that he changed her life and he grinned and seemed embarrassed but appreciated it. He seems sort of shy. I think he only sang seven songs, I was enjoying it too much to count. ANyway, here's the best of the pics I got, you have excellent taste for an obsession, he seems like a lovely, gentle soul.









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My secret's my enzyme.

I had planned my drunkeness to last until 11, I have this down to a science. I had to walk across the street to Cielito Lindo to get a chile relleno to soak up my concert liquor before I could drive home. :D I guess there's worse ways to spend a Thursday night. :yum:
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