Linder's Isherwood to Morrissey's Garbo...

CG's not spotted the SIIIIIIGNS yet in this thread, but I think I've spotted Ann Widdy in Heysham. (all those exhausting SCD routines have worked wonders for her figure :thumb:).

We've got SPECtacular views over the bay (on a clear day:D) we get good weather (except for this year :D)(or next :D) (or the one after :D)
Interference happens to a lot of dogs as well and nobody says anything.

A picture of Cousin Rupert being interfered with yesterday :mad: :


My uncle Benny (below) claims he was shown inappropriate pictures of Lady Gaga when he was a pup, but there's never been any evidence, so the family thinks he's largely making it up.


Interfered dogs don't have access to scissors or glue to express themselves, (and when you see Uncle Benny, you can't help thinking that's a good thing.)
Human beings are lucky, they can write about it...

(Uncle Benny wants us to call him "Bababababacon face" now.:rolleyes:)

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