Linder Sterling Q and A in The Observer (UK, Jan. 11, 2014)

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    1. joe frady
      joe frady
    2. Anonymous
      Re: Linder Sterling Q and A in today's Observer (UK)

      I love that Linder and Moz sent letters of complaint about sexism in the media. There's still too much sexism in the media, like where a scantily clad woman in a fast food commercial acts like she's horny for meat in her mouth. EWWWWW!!! So sexist and degrading and nasty! How pathetic that any actress or celebrity would do such disgusting advertising.

      I think meat dresses are murder too. Maybe Gaga got the idea from an episode of America's Next Top Model where Tyra Banks convinced desperate models to dress up in meat so they could be famous. SAD!!!!

    3. BrummieBoy
      Re: Linder Sterling Q and A in today's Observer (UK)

      I like Linder

      I spent my summer holidays in St Ives every year of our children's lives from 1995 to now. It's a seriously beautiful place. And yes, "mystical". Zennor Head is the place to go.
    4. mozmal
      Nice interview and a good read. Liked the insight into the Sex Pistols gig and Cemetry Gates.
    5. celibate
      Re: Linder Sterling Q and A in today's Observer (UK)

      Wish you stayed there , St Ives, maybe you couldve found and hold a job, the BrummieBoat.

      'and the say he's mentall' ... Fishermans Grammar...
    6. BrummieBoy
      Re: Linder Sterling Q and A in today's Observer (UK)

      Thank you for your continuing contributions to this forum. I wish you'd suck my balls next time you open your big gob.
    7. Anonymous
      Re: Linder Sterling Q and A in today's Observer (UK)

      Oh "that" book is all that she can come up with?

      Oh yes, of course you would. It is incredibly telling that most of her (f)art, in which she portrays women in this distorted way without heads, was bought by no other than George Michael.

      No rant about how she misuses dead animals? It is wrong to eat them, but you can misuse their bodies to make dresses out of them? Is that it?

      Ah yes, Morrissey and "feminism", good joke. Linder Sterling has developed into one of the least credible people whom you can read about.

      To quote from his Autobiography "I nominate "Pretty girls make graves" as the third single, but a bastion of bearded Rough Trade battleaxes drop on me like a ton of beanspouts and argue against a song with a title that would have made Mary Wollstonecraft throw in the tea-towel."

      Mary Wollstonecraft argued for educating and training women. For proper women rights, not their right to be fucked and objectivied by everybody. Of course homosexual designers have picked Sterling's idea up and put a bag over women's head, just like one was put over Katie Perry's head the day before she married Russell Brand. Truely "wonderfully" influencial that Linder Sterling.

      Here are the lryics to the song:

      PRETTY GIRLS MAKE GRAVES Lyrics - The Smiths

      Upon the sand, upon the bay
      "There is a quick and easy way" you say
      Before you illustrate
      I'd rather state :
      "I'm not the man you think I am
      I'm not the man you think I am"

      And Sorrow's native son
      He will not smile for anyone

      And Pretty Girls Make Graves
      Oh ...

      End of the pier, end of the bay
      You tug my arm, and say : "Give in to lust,
      Give up to lust, oh heaven knows we'll
      Soon be dust ... "

      Oh, I'm not the man you think I am
      I'm not the man you think I am

      And Sorrow's native son
      He will not rise for anyone

      And Pretty Girls Make Graves
      Oh really ?
      Oh ...

      I could have been wild and I could have
      Been free
      But Nature played this trick on me

      She wants it Now
      And she will not wait
      But she's too rough
      And I'm too delicate

      Then, on the sand
      Another man, he takes her hand
      A smile lights up her stupid face
      (and well, it would)

      I lost my faith in Womanhood
      I lost my faith in Womanhood
      I lost my faith ...
      Oh ...
    8. Rosie Cheeks
      Rosie Cheeks
      Re: Linder Sterling Q and A in today's Observer (UK)

      I'm struggling to reconcile Morrissey's attitude to women with his interest in feminism. Has he had a lot of rejection from women? He seems to see them as either sexually voracious or fat, although he does seem to like mother figures.
    9. Girl-Afraid
      Re: Linder Sterling Q and A in today's Observer (UK)

      Linder is a fascinating person.
      Oh how I wish I could have been friends with her and Morrissey, if only I had been born 20 years earlier than I was.
    10. Quentins Girl
      Quentins Girl
      Linder, Morrissey and Kirsty = my sort of friends! X. And I am a fat girl from Peckham, though thanks to Morrissey's Memoir am cringing and slimming as I type!'
    11. celibate
      Re: Linder Sterling Q and A in today's Observer (UK)

      in your dreams, boy

      'and they say he's mentall'... get some firework, fold it on your balls, and you also got explosive kegs...
    12. Rosie Cheeks
      Rosie Cheeks
      Ok, being a healthy weight is a good thing, but do it for yourself girl, not for Morrissey. Devoted audience member that I am, I wouldn't change myself for him. Aren't his songs supposed to inspire us to be individual and accept who we are?
    13. BrummieBoy
      Re: Linder Sterling Q and A in today's Observer (UK)

      Hilarious. She used already slaughtered meat. I don't know or care if she's vegan as she doesn't cavort around in front of torture/slaughter footage demanding her audience adhere to her fake ideology. I have no idea why you think it's 'telling' that George Michael is a fan of her art. What the hell is that supposed to mean?

      Yes, Morrissey clearly has some issues to do with women, in particular his mirroring of his skinny male model body dysmporphia into seeming disgust at voluptuous female shapes which he stigmatises as 'fat'. Mind you, has he ever confirmed he's actually had genital penetrative sex with a woman?

      As for women's right to not be objectified and fucked by everyone: I agree. Please tell that to the hen parties on Broad Street who seem to think they can molest and drag me back to their hotel just because I look like George Clooney. Men get objectified and treated like sex objects too, which is fine if they're strippers on a stage but not when a bunch of female drunks in beach-wear are trying to unzip my trousers when it's sub-zero, 3:00am and I just want to get a cup of cocoa and get to sleep.

      Oh, and women, like men, also have the right to be objectified and fucked senseless if that's what they choose. Consent is everything. If you don't want to invite the male sexual gaze, don't do so. Wear modest clothing, etc.
    14. Amy
      I find it hilarious and hypocritical that Morrissey constantly harps on about fat women, whilst saying nothing at all about the ever-expanding Boz, who must close his ears to the whole thing. Fat women = demonic, fat men in sequin dresses = fine.
    15. CrystalGeezer
      Awwww. :( Good point, never thought of that.
    16. Carly
      That Sarah his manager or something is fat, he has harped on about fat people in general not just women.
    17. Anonymous
      Dont forget the main point here. Linder is one of the most talented
      artists and performers and artist and performers that England, Ireland
      and the World has seen since 1922.

      Dont forget that !

    18. Playcat2000
      I find YOU hilarious.
    19. CrystalGeezer
      He needs to step out with a chub scout and be caught necking to get Team Fatty back in his good graces. Wait but if he does that I'll get all jelly...there's no winning this. :p

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