Linder Sterling on "List of the Lost" and Morrissey - The Guardian

She seems to still share the same view as Howard Devoto regarding punk 'in its purest form' being over in the blink of an eye. I wonder if she has had any contact with Devoto in recent years.
"At the apex of the show, she stripped off to reveal an enormous black dildo. When we meet, Sterling is clothed in much more modest attire" SNORT!!
i think it also important to note that the irish have a strong tradtion of devil and trick the devil stories and other mythical beings in stories and poetry (yeats comes to mind) without being considered silly. morrissey seems sorta fatalistic so its not to big a surprise that his characters dont trick the evil being but rather succumb to it and has the wretch kill all of those pretty things.
So, so very much could be said about LS, but suffice it that she is one in a million, and words will never do her justice just as her art is more than visually spectaculating affecting heart, body and soul wholly...she still leaves me gasping. xx
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We’re all in a relay race with the ghosts of the past and the mewling newborns, there’s no time to dawdle.”

Ironically, that's a much more evocative line than practically anything in the book itself. Maybe Linder could help him write the sequel - or at least edit it?
Linder Sterling: ‘I have a library of every perversion on the planet’ - The Guardian


Despite a cascade of appalling reviews for Morrissey’s recent debut novel, List of the Lost, Sterling has a somewhat philosophical take on the work, which reminds her of her mother’s pronouncements that the Irish are obsessed with death. “Morrissey takes us through the valley of the shadow of death at high speed. We’re all in a relay race with the ghosts of the past and the mewling newborns, there’s no time to dawdle.”


...While most at the centre of the radical punk and feminist scene of the 1970s have slowly become a part of the establishment they once railed against, Sterling is still referred to as an outsider. But, she says, being an outlander is in her generation’s DNA – and is one of the many things that has formed the basis of her 40-year friendship with Morrissey. Indeed, while the Smiths singer has made his disdain for most of humankind publicly known, his reverence for Sterling has been constant, and much of the pair’s relationship is still conducted through letters.

“We’re both quite solitary people and I think that’s quite hard for someone who then has to sing to 20,000 people,” says Sterling of her enigmatic friend. “Our generation didn’t join in and we still have problems joining in. We were too awkward and clumsy and shy to join in, and are now too stubborn to join in. We still don’t – we are the worst guests at parties.”
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So ... Which ghosts of Morrissey's past are there in List of the Lost? Which mewling newborns, i.e. current ghosts are discussed?

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