Linder on Morrissey in Guardian (18/01/2020)

A very nice interview with Linder Sterling in today’s The Guardian:

How the artist Linder went from Orgasm Addict to Chatsworth House - Observer Design


She also became known as Morrissey’s muse and went on to photograph him extensively in the early 90s as he toured the US. “We shared the same taste, liked the same books,” she says. “We shared a house for a brief period in Whalley Range – it was a red-light district then.” With his counterintuitive views on the far-right For Britain party, Morrissey is a touchy subject these days, but Linder is loyal. “We’ve always disagreed,” she says. “It’s a healthy disagreement, the sort that comes with unconditional love.”

Just a shame about the unnecessary framing, The Guardian.

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Although that argument is true, so is the argument that racists always now use it. Of course racism exists you stupid c***.

Can you even read?

Of course it exists, it always will while ever people inhabit the earth, but that wasn't the point of the quote.
The word is meaningless now.

And it's you who's the c***, as you so eloquently put it.

Intelligence levels have really dropped since I was last here.


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The photos used on the covers of We Hate It When Our Friends Become Successful, You're The One For Me, Fatty, Tomorrow, Certain People I Know and The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get were taken by Linder, the one used on Sing Your Life was taken by Pennie Smith.

Since the subject of her being his muse/him being her muse was brought up earlier in the thread, here's a quote by Morrissey on the way Linder inspired him, first published in Frieze, 2004:

"From a rented room in Whalley Range Linder's art supplied the unspoken. She led me by the lapel to Janice G. Raymond’s The Transsexual Empire, Calvin C. Hernton’s Sex and Racism, and to Philippe Aries' Western Attitudes Towards Death. To me, her life, then, was messianic. Linder took up the pen, the brush, the chalk, and stood as if behind a machine gun, perceiving danger swiftly and more keenly than the shell-suited mutants of surrounding Manchester. In my view, Linder's life is a docudrama, potent and therefore lethal. She is aware of the inevitable punishment for those who seek to kick against the enforced limitations of their lives, and she is aware of the price you pay for exposing restraints. The 1990s had Linder and I replacing the dead white greenish cast of unforgiving Manchester with the bright catacombs of El Paso, Los Angeles and Phoenix; Linder armed with her cameras, and I with a despair long past explaining.

In time a tale will be told."
Ok, thanks for clarifying.


Came across this Buzzcocks video "Why she's the girl from the chainstore" and thebgirl in question is Linder!

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I went to the Ludus Facebook page, only to be confronted by nothing but a St George's Cross. Hmmm.
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