Lil Yachty wears Morrissey shirt in his new music video "Pardon Me"



Eve of Destruction

I'm sure Morrissey is cringing in his boots, as he stands next to his sick mom.....Earth the new Hell,
This video is the reason I want to be stuck with 80s alternative artist..........Straight up trash
Earth is heaven and hell, son. Earth is what you make it, while you reside on her. The rest is bullocks.


oh, the irony...Moz, a cross-over artist once again, adopted by hip-hop culture...guess he's not so cancelled after all....
Rumour is, now that he and BMG have parted ways, he’s in talks with No Limit Records. Apparently, a digital, CD Box and - perhaps - even LP boxed set of “Autobiography”, with Morrissey himself narrating.

Perhaps some beats? Like Disposable Heroes with W.S. Burroughs?

Exciting times!!!

Ball of Confusion


Why is he a ‘criminal’ ?

Anyway, didn’t Reggie Kray know Moz?

So, now what?
No. Moz knew of Reggie Kray. Kray was incensed by LOFIP. He felt it a means of capitalizing off of his family name. Which it was.

The Kray family have publicly stated that Ronnie would have sliced Moz’s throat, if he’d had the chance.

Famous when dead

b49c7e29fc - you are reminded that doctoring other member's quotes to change what they were initially saying isn't happening.

Ball of Confusion

I can’t remember the source, but I’m sure I read in the mid-nineties that Ronnie Kray had heard Playboys, and enjoyed the name check but (ultimately) didn’t care much for the music.

Confusion might be confusing Moz with Spandau Ballet.
Nah. Gary (Charlie’s 3rd son) said, in a 1991 interview with BWN - “Reg can’t be bothered. ...but Ronnie loathes the idea that someone could capitalize on the family name, whilst offering up nothing to the family, in return. It’s rape, of a kind. Unforgivable. It makes him cringe. He’d break out and cut his throat, if he had a half a chance”.

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