LIHS signed test press on ebay - a snip at a grand


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I wonder how they justify breaking that price down, £400 for the record? £400 for the bag? £150 for the pop up card. These are the types of sellers that when asked why they’re shipping is so high, they calculate Mailer, label & ink costs. I once had a guy tell me it cost £2 in patrol to drive to the post office


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Why bother he'll not get it, postage charge or not.

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Does anyone know how much these were on the day? I saw the mporium email selling the ones later with no numbered card for £200?
The signed ones were £200 too.
100 UK & 100 Stateside = £20,000 +$20,000(aprox $14,300).
If Ebay sold similar they'd stand to gain £100,000 + $100,000(£71,300) minus outlay.
Gets quite daft after a while.
Note to Moz: it's probably worth a carpal tunnel injury - get the sharpie ready.
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