Life without Morrissey

Listening to one less musician.
but i have scott....
richer financially BUT poorer in every other sense!


Agree with Grim
Last weekend would have been easier on the liver without Morrissey, but then I spent the weekend with Grim, Hugh, Unc Skinney, Sister and a whole lot of other fans / friends I would never have met otherwise.

The 'AA' Goat
Life would be very different thats for sure!

Are there any other artists who command the same level of devotion as Morrissey? I dont think there are.
Well this is a hard question, I guess I would of listened to someone else rather than Morrissey, as he wouldn't of existed and I wouldn't of heard his music, therefore I wouldn't of bought The Smiths or his solo work.
^And we'd never met!
i'd feel like no one understaaandddss me
or at least i'd feel like there's no representation for people like me in the world of music.
it'd be a boring, sad existence, and I know because I wasn't always a Morrissey-aware person (something I am ashamed to admitt)
i think this thread also touches on the thought that what would life be like if Morrissey had never lived....

personally i believe we would have annihilated each other in a nuclear holocaust by now if it wasnt for "There is a light that never goes out" and "Everyday is like Sunday"
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