Life Is Very Long When You're Lonely


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This is "Thank Your Lucky Stars" in Silver CD :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps

The Smiths: Life Is Very Long When You're Lonely. (The Godfatherecords :: G.R.351)
Recorded Live at Laguna Hills, Irvine Meadows, California - August 28, 1986.
Excellent Soundboard Recording :: Silver CD :: MP3 CBR 320 kbps & FLAC.

1. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
2. Still Ill
3. I Want The One I Can't Have
4. There Is A Light That Never Goes Out
5. How Soon Is Now
6. Frankly, Mr Shankly
7. Panic
8. Stretch Out And Wait
9. The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
10. Is It Really So Strange
11. Cemetary Gates
12. Never Had No One Ever
13. Rubber Ring - What She Said
14. That Joke Isn't Funny Anymore
15. Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now
16. The Queen Is Dead
17. Money Changes Everything
18. I Know It's Over

Files: 18. :: Size: 170.73 MB (mp3) | 431 MB (flac).
Total Time: 01:14:36 hour/s.
*** The Queen Is Dead Tour ***

Personnel: Andy Rourke :: Morrissey :: Johnny Marr :: Mike Joyce.

Notes: This show has been previously released on the very popular Bootleg “Thank Your Lucky Stars” on the Big Music Label. This release lists this recording as being from the Universal Amphitheater on Aug. 26th but it has been proven to be from Irvine Meadows on the 28th. There are some audience sources for the two Universal Amphitheater shows which helped to prove the correct date. There are a few fan made versions of “Thank Your Lucky Stars” with different artwork floating around Godfather Records has released this recording in their signature gatefold packaging with numerous high quality pictures of the band. The artwork and pictures capture the overall essence of the band and do justice to the music contained within the packaging. I already had this release as “Thank Your Lucky Stars” and I have to say I’m very pleased with Godfather’s version. They’ve done well and I couldn’t be any happier. I know this release will definitely please many fans of The Smiths as well as those who already have “Thank Your Lucky Stars”. Good job Godfather, you released a recording I could not refuse..<-(Info taken from colelctors music reviews).
Why is Morrissey screaming: "YOU´RE SO STUPID!!!" ???? during I Know It´s Over???
if i recall.. it is because it seems that morrissey is shouting at a security guard to leave a fan alone..probably because the fan is trying to make it on stage..
i love the way he says, "jesus christ don't be so stupid..leave him alone you stupid idiot, leave him!"
me and my friend crack up everytime we listen to it...
So, he was saying that to a security guard!!! This time, in August, at the London Palladium, he didn´t say that to those awful men from their private security "Mozzer man".
So, he was saying that to a security guard!!! This time, in August, at the London Palladium, he didn´t say that to those awful men from their private security "Mozzer man".

No, he never does anymore! I don't know why though....maybe he just enjoys the thrill of watching now! It's a shame though...
I guess now he likes to see the fans being injured by those ridiculous "Mozer Men".
can some one clip that banter from moz and turn it into a ringtone (starting at :50 sec to 1:12)? i've been wanting that to be my ringtone for ages...
that and also on the dvd "who put the m.." at the end of "jack the ripper" leading into "a rush and a push.." where everyone is chanting "morrissey" and he goes.."me? me?...oh stop it"
he is so amusing.....
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