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By Uncleskinny on Aug 15, 2012 at 4:51 PM
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    Spotted via a link posted by @FamousWhenDead / Twitter:

    Pot, kettle, black RT“@sumdizzywhore: The Libertines Call Morrissey 'An Absolute P***k'

    The Libertines Call Morrissey 'An Absolute P***k' - Entertainmentwise
    The band aren't a fan, it seems...


    The Libertines drummer, Gary Powell, has said that fellow musician Morrissey is 'an absolute p***k', following his constant attitude issues. Oooh, put the claws away guys!

    Morrissey is known for his constant annoying behaviour and rockers The Libertines definitely haven't held back, when asked about their opinion on the musician.

    Speaking to, after performing at the O2 Academy in Leeds, the Libertine said: “You know what it’s like, people like the music but they also like the characters behind the music. If it’s music by itself, the music needs to be damn good. To retain some kind of anonymity behind everything, your music has to be damn good.”

    Spurred on by Babyshambles drummer, Adam Ficek, (also playing at the gig) who stated “Morrissey can do that”, Gary Powell continued: “No he can’t. Morrissey created a character and everybody jumped on board, and then he kind of went into his little cave. I’m not a big Morrissey fan. When I played with the New York Dolls, Morissey ignored me at sound-check, and then we had a big meet and greet with everybody, and I was stood next to David Johansen from the New York Dolls, it was literally like meeting the queen, but Morrissey stopped at Johansen, chatted to him for a bit and then walked away. Morrissey, is a knob. He’s an absolute prick.”

    Ouch! He does have a very good point though...
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    1. Amy
      Last I heard, Doherty and Carl Barat couldn't get enough of Moz and were quite happy to pose for photographs with him - they even opened as his support act once or twice. Sounds like the drummer's ego took a knock because Morrissey ignored him (when David Johansen was in the room, of all people), and just assumed from that encounter that Morrissey is a total prick to everyone he meets. Doherty reacted in the same way when Morrissey called him a drug-addled cliche of a person - never meet your heroes!
    2. Iona Mink
      Iona Mink
      So he 'ignored' him at the soundcheck. Which leads me to ask what his expectations were? Morrissey to stop and introduce himself? Why?

      And then again he didn't start a conversation with Gary Powell even though he was standing next to David Johansen. Did Gary initiate a conversation? Or did he just expect Morrissey to gush over him? If anything it sounds like Gary Powell seems to think a little too much of himself.
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    3. Charles
    4. JJKelsall
      Clearly Powell doesn't get that Morrissey is a huge New York Dolls fan. Of course he's going to give more attention and want to speak to the likes of David Johansan, an origional member of the band he loved in his youth rather than some arrogant drummer who expects the same level of attention just because he's a new addition to the band.
    5. JJKelsall
      Like I put on the other thread, The New York Dolls are one of Morrissey's favourite bands. This Gary Powell was not an origional member so Morrissey isn't really going to be interested in meeting him. It's like if I were to meet Morrissey and Jesse Tobias were stood next to him; I probably wouldn't speak to Tobias because Morrissey is my hero, not Jesse. Powell just seems to think that he deserves respect and attention based on the legacy of The Dolls, even though he had no involvment in creating that legacy. Arrogant twat.
    6. Anonymous
      Pot. Kettle. Black.
    7. Anonymous
      I know a few people who would complain someone has been ignoring them, but it works both ways, but did at any point did he make any contribution to talking to morrissey at sound check? just like he was complaining he was ignoring, m could have seen it as him ignoring him. but am not saying he didnt have a attitude, alot of people that meet him have a similar opinion.
    8. MozAngeles818
      I agree with this. If I met Morrissey and his current touring band, I don't think I'd meet the entire band. First, of course, is Morrissey, and then Boz. Whoever else is around or looks interesting will be walked up to.
      I'm not saying I have anything against the band, It's just, I came to see Morrissey, lol.
      Sounds like Gary Powell is just being a sore loser because Morrissey didn't want to meet him.
    9. oliver
      I love the headline: "The Libertines Call Morrissey 'An Absolute P***k' - The band aren't a fan, it seems..."

      When I think of the Libertines, I think of Pete and Carl, not the drummer. Sorry, Gary.
    10. Anonymous
      Maybe it's because he is black?
    11. joe frady
      joe frady
      You've got to be feckin' kidding!....So this makes it on to the front page of morrissey-solo?

      If we're going to go trawling twitter for people calling Morrissey a prick then someone's going to be a very busy boy. Besides, why bother? There's enough people around here doing it, we don't really need to have it confirmed by some....drummer.

      :rolleyes: etc.
    12. tylerevansokay
      This would be biting if it came from a band that had any relative memorability. The Libertines have a couple of decent songs, but are largely forgettable. I can't imagine anyone remembering Pete Doherty's voice in 5 or 10 years... Moz on the other hand...
    13. Anonymous
      thats racist.
    14. Anonymous
      Enjoy the free press, lads. In 20 years time, people will still speak of Morrissey with reverence. No one will remember anything about the Libertines other than the fact that they once had that junkie as their lead singer...
    15. Anonymous
      People don't get M. Just like when there's a cheesy afterparty, M never shows and some are surprised He didn't show up. He leaves right after shows, zipped away in an awaiting car most times. Heard of the Libertines on paper but don't know one song by them. Anyway, see y'all in Clear Lake, Lincoln, Denver, Tempe, Vegas and El Paso!!! Viva Morrissey!!!
    16. Mozza220559
      The Libertines are shit anyway, overrated, drug-addled, middle class wankers. Pete Doherty looks like a podgy, pathetic Robin Ince on smack.
    17. Jamie
      Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought Morrissey met the Libertines during the 2002 tour? Weren't there pictures taken with all of the members for NME, which was also recorded for posterity in the Importance...documentary? Powell makes it seem as if the NY Dolls show would have been the first time they met.

      It seems a little irrelevant, any road.
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    18. Anonymous
    19. Anonymous
      Morrissey IS an absolute prick. He knows it. We all know it. He's a cantankerous prima donna. But he's never going to change. So calling him an absolute prick is pretty redundant. Like his recordning career at the mo...

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