Letter to the Editor: "Morrissey is still a dick" (NOW Online Canada)



Morrissey is still a dick
Just read Kevin Hegge’s review of the Morrissey show (NOW Online, April 28), and while I applaud the willingness to publicly wade through a complicated “relationship” with an admired (major former fan here!) and problematic artist, I’m actually left with confusion over the 4N rating.

Is that for the music or the Faith Goldy name-check? Or for Moz fanning anti-immigration paranoia?

Just being bratty here, but let’s get real: in what universe would Morrissey bring up Bruce McArthur’s case? That’s like hoping Doug Ford will talk about climate change or poverty or, hell, any important social issue.

Hegge broke up with Moz in 2017 and they got back together for a one-nighter in 2019 – his right to choose of course! Moz is “still a dick,” but I humbly think you forgot to add “racist” and “xenophobic.” We hate it when our friends become racist (or do we?).

Scott Miller Berry, Toronto



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