Let's review the evidence. Is Morrissey racist?


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Hey peterb when i read my post back i sounded a bit up tight and pompous - sorry i never meant to come across like your mother giving you a lecture
Don't apologise Smiler. Your posts are intelligent and well written and your points considered. Thank you for the vibe.

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You have read as many Morrissey interviews as I have over the years, and I have read just about every one he has ever done. The tone may change here and there but his tendency to exaggerate does not. It's not that he's "serious" in one place and "whimsical" in another. The point is that he overstates everything-- he seems almost pathologically incapable of uttering simple, unadorned declarative sentences. In particular he's always ratcheted up the verbal fireworks when talking about animal cruelty.

It was a dumb remark, but very much in line with his rhetorical style. Very little that Morrissey says is defensible on a strictly literal level, and that goes for every topic he's addressed, not just the controversial ones.
That's true of Morrissey's personality type. Good point you illustrated here.
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As for his erotic obsession with skinheads and thugs - he knows full well the connotations of that imagery, so he's got himself to blame for the consequences.
Assuming he's well aware of the huge market he has with queer male fans--and I'm pretty sure he is--I believe he would consider it a positive as opposed to something blameworthy. At least according to the theory that he says and does things for publicity, and to maintain some kind of aura of marketable "mystique".

I wouldn't say I'm entirely skeptical of this myself, but I'm not convinced that's the only (or even typical) reason he says or does anything deemed controversial. I think a lot of it has to do with him becoming overly self-satisfied and big-headed, because he's used to essentially being a "rock star", something I think he's always wanted since he became a musician. That's not "bad" in itself, but I do think, over the years, it's kind of eroded his personability and his touch with "regular people" and "the real world"...

That's only my opinion, obviously.

Either way, I still want a giant cardboard Moz for the outside of my bedroom door in spite of how much he disappoints (not to mention, bores) me these days.
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