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Hello All,

Hope all is well with you!

This is my first post on here in possibly a decade.

I've been a life long moz fan but fell out of love with the community aspect in recent years though I find now as good as time to reignite the latest flame.

First things first - f*** heads at the Simpsons.

It almost broke my heart to read the response morrissey gave to the episode on morrissey central. Even more so to read and conclude that for the most part of his later career has just been a long string of legal battles.

It pains me to see media coverage portraying him in such a way as they do. In previous years this post would have more to do with my sycophantic views towards my beloved moz however as time goes on my perception towards him has become a lot more objective, less bias and more grounded.

Instead I'd like to suggest that we all do what we can to help support, I'm thinking of setting up a crowd funding site to see if we can generate enough money to fund legal proceedings or at the very least gain enough traction to empower not only moz but us, as fans, as a collective(which I know is very often not the case). In response to the negatity that is always put out there to do with us as fans and morrissey himself.

Again, this is not something I would usually do but after reading his statement made me die a little inside (especially his sign off)

If you think the above would work or have any other ideas I'd love to hear them

Thank again



You can't be "bias". You can be biased or you can display bias.

That's still not as idiotic as the rest of your post


Let The Bullets Fly.

Not saying Morrissey has no share in the blame, but do you really believe that the media and current culture climate had and has no hand in the shaping of the current Morrissey image?
these people will only be happy when M is six foot under,even then they will moan about something.rsoles.
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While I've adored The Smiths and loved much of Morrissey's solo music, the bottom line is he's going to do and say as he wants - period. That's his prerogative... but there are repercussions as we're seeing now and have seen before. Until he gets better PR people and personally handles these situations smarter - he'll continue to wind up in the same place. His fans can't bail him out of these outcomes.


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The only relevant crowdfunding model of any kind at this point would be in the form of pre-orders of various editions (signed by Moz / pink vinyl / deluxe / cassette, signed by Moz with a fake David Bowie signature...) of a new album, etc - but I don't believe Morrissey, his manager, or anybody else in his insular team has the motivation or humility to go down that route, even though it could be very successful if promoted to his (reduced, yes, but still sizeable) global fanbase.


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The best way to support Morrissey or any other artist you deeply care about is through buying their music instead of streaming it, showing up at their gigs (when it becomes possible again), buying their merchandise. If it came to crowd funding to raise money for the recording of an album, I might consider it but the fact is that Morrissey once said he would find that embarrassing.

As someone already mentioned, Morrissey would rather see us donate money or time to animal welfare causes than splurging our money on big fat lawyers anyway, with no guarantee whatsoever as to the outcome.
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