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at the Wiltern, April 23

Morrissey’s You Are the Quarry (the monster spawns in May) took up most of this second of five Wiltern nights. And though we would’ve gone vegetarian cold turkey for even one more Smiths tune, we’ve taken a quick liking to his latest record, especially the softly strummed, flute-adorned “I’m Not Sorry,” the new hooligan “First of the Gang To Die,” and the hook-laden encore, “Irish Blood, English Heart,” during which the traditional tossing of the Morrissey shirt took place. (But oh to have caught the strategically placed flower that grew from his crotch.)

The whole band looked like a Dior Homme ad come to life. But the real fun of a Morrissey gig is the fashion frenzy in front of the stage. So props to that one rather angular, watch-where-you-point-that pompadour blocking many a short girl’s view. The obligatory set-list gripe: Why did our night have to be denied “The Headmaster Ritual”? We were ready to do the “military two-step,” man, but you didn’t lead the troops. We’ll always stretch out and wait for “Everyday Is Like Sunday.” There’s nothing like a pair of extended hands in front of a back-combed head of pomade beckoning Armageddon. (Siran Babayan)
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