Lemmy Is England's Greatest Living Englishman??


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From the Guardian blogs here's one of the most amusing stories I've heard in a while:

In my very early twenties, I was about to get the crap kicked out of me in a nightclub by some middle aged, coked-up psychopathic American beefcake who'd accused his poor old girlfriend of looking at me, and had decided to destroy me to prove a point to her. Unbeknowst to me, the incident had been witnessed by our hero Lemmy. Having satisfied his enquiries that I was not 'trying to fook some fella's lady', he took it upon himself to deal with the matter...and he certainly did. The American fella was led to a quiet area by him and a few of his friends - Motorhead roadies I believe, and lectured on the pros and cons of bullying. I hate to think what happened to him.
When he returned, he explained that he hated to see an unfair fight, and was always happy to help. I tried to buy him a drink as thanks - instead he signalled to the bartender and ordered a round of Jack and Cokes - apparently drinks were always free for him and his friends.
It's about time this country starts recognizing it's real heros, and gives him a Knighthood.

One more thing - Motorhead and Girlschool - 'Don't you touch me baby cause I'm shakin' so much'.....The greatest duet of all time.


For my money the GLE is Tony Gubba


now i am a was
saw motorhead way back at hackney downs n they were good, saw them last year at hyde park and they were even better....
nominate your own England's Greatest Living Englishman?

For my money the GLE is Tony Gubba

I'll see your Gubba & raise you one Jim Bowen


P.s. is this sexist?
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