Vegan. Cro. Spirit. 888

Prijatelji, no need for polls, the SHOW IS SOLD OUT!!!:D
only a few dozen VIP tickets returned are available.:rock:
and are probably all gone by now:rock:

Stephen Hofmann

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Not sure seasoned Moz goers love it, after 8 gigs i have attended where it was used I got to the point where I was sick to death of it and didn't enter the concert floor until it was virtually finished. I much preferred it when there were proper supports like PJ Harvey in 2004, saying that, there have also been some shit supports over the years.
Bit of a con not having a support band for these prices.

Stephen Hofmann

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We don't know that Morrissey has always (or has ever) chosen these images. I suspect a certain SER has had a hand in the most recent productions.
Seasoned Moz goers in my experience maybe take a peek once or twice but usually enter the main area when the 'film' has concluded. I can't say any of these 'films' has been worth paying for and I'd rather have a suppport band (good or bad).

Playing Imperfect List before coming on stage was always a winner for me no matter how many times I experienced it and I experienced it a lot!
Imperfect List is a great track but woefully out of date politically.


Also it's a crime that a cover as pretty as this has been heard by practically no one.

You're joking, right? You do not seriously believe that this is new to anyone who has been a fan for years, do you? That it "has been heard by practically no one"?

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