Leeds autograph

I'm in Leeds for tonight. I'm hoping to find the hotel he's in, wait outside, and get my arm signed. Any tips or ideas?

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Will he even stay in Leeds? Won’t he just go back to Manchester? It’s not far.


AMW was there. Is she head of UKIP yet?

Morrissey’s “nephew”

He was actually staying at the arena premier inn, he is a couple of rooms away from us, on the 7th floor.


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He'll go home, surely? To his Mum's house or his own house, or whatever his Northern base is.

"Northern base" You are f***ing lost :laughing:

I reckon I don't give a shit where the California Son is from, but reckon the California Son was born in the San Fernando Valley. Everyone from LA knows what house it is and where his current house is in Malibu. It's just people from LA respect their hometown California Son and don't stalk him like a foreigner. Reckon ever notice how no one from Moz Angeles posts on this board??? You have no evidence he was born in Mankchaster. There are no photos except for you delusional sociopaths posting pics of babies, 10 year old boys that look like Huckleberry Finn and saying that is him as a "wee lad" and phony birth certificates. All the photos of him as a teenager are in the USA. He is loyal to his alma mater Hollywood High, loves and plays basketball, and has a plot at Hollywood Forever. Can you tell me what High School he went to in Manckchaster or his real house instead of just some random house on a Smiths tour? Finally his hatred for Brittin and the old lady president of Brittin is so strong being an Irish-American. He wants you wackos to believe he is a dude with no home, lonely, traveling around the world, introverted and shy, supporting "for Brittin" and "Bricksit" so you will be buy tickets every 3 years and keep the mporium uk the highest selling merch website for a living pop star, but in reality he is surfing on Redondo Beach and eating jalapeno ranch french fries. He has been with Nancy since 1989. You are being duped and always will be. HE WAS IN THE SHITTY SMITHS FOR 3 1/2 YEARS AS A JOKE. Wake up inn nnn n nn nn nnnnnnnn n n it.


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