Latest Storytime with Clint Boon podcast - Morrissey interview cancellation story

Interested to hear Clint Boon relating a story that he once thought for a joke after seeing piles of earth on the moors where workmen had been doing something that him and a few of the Inspiral Carpets would stand on said piles of earth in a crucifixion pose and scare cars going past. He did wonder if the story in Autobiography about something similar happening to Moz was indeed him. Also tells a story when he was asked to interview Moz and due to having other things on (kids and gigs), could not do it, roll on a few years and he is asked to interview Moz but when Moz finds out it is Clint Boon due to interview him, he backs out as Clint had cancelled on him last time.
beware, i hold more grudges than lonely high court judges....

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