Last of the Famous International Scumbags


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Florida post-hardcore band As Friends Rust just released a song entitled "Last of the Famous International Scumbags".

'Last of the Famous International Scumbags,' using Morrissey as a metaphor, explores the cultural conundrum around whether we can, or should, celebrate the talents and works of otherwise detestable artists," says the singer. "I think we're all inclined to want to eject offensive artists from the airlock, so to speak, but what do we do with the bodies of work they leave behind once excommunicated from celebrity? Does it have value, independent of its creator? Can it still be enjoyed, in spite of its creator's shortcomings?

"While some violations are violent and unforgivable (I don't think Cosby's face should be aired on television ever again) some don't differ much from the bigoted remarks many of us hear from members of our own families. Is there a degree of tolerance, and if so, where is that threshold and who determines where the line is drawn?"

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