Last night I had a dream.


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a couple of years ago i had a dream that morrissey and i stole and ate some chocolate muffins :o


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I'm jealous! I wanna dream something like this too! Lucky girl!

Oh lili, that must be by far the most beautiful dream I've had in my life... Only for that precious moment of intimacy and pure love... I couldn't describe how dizzy in love I was with Morrissey when we hugged and said those words... And, come on! I was his wife!! That feels amazingly incredibly good!

Pity it was just a dream... But it was so realistic, I thank my brain for that :p


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my dad had a dream where we has a massive concert that was like our party in this field, and a load of rubbish bands like the chili peppers and that were on then fallout boy came on (my sister likes them) and they invited mozzer on with them. then after a song or 2, moz invited the rest of the smiths on. however, my dads favourite part was the fact when that happened i wet myself in the dream. ahaha. niceee.


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I had a dream (not so long ago) I got invited to Mozzers house (very Charlie and the choc factory) don’t remember all the details – anyway – you could take one person with you – so I took my girlfriend, and for what ever reason Morrissey took a real dislike to her,
so much so in fact he made her cry- so she’s all like – oh I want to leave – so obviously I had to leave with her – but was desperately trying to work out a way to get back – don’t remember the rest.

Oh god I’m drunk hope this makes sense



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I had a dream several months ago I bumped into Moz on the Titanic. I was my present age, he was 24. He was wearing an orange cardigan from a photo shoot I've seen. We sat on the floor talking for hours, about philosophy I think.

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I dreamt about Morrissey last night. I was thinking about the books I bought of eBay, I was searching out photos of him and I was on Morrissey-solo all day. I also have a little project on the go regarding Moz. So when I went to bed last night he was the last thing I thought of (which is pretty normal for me….ooh can’t resist……there is no such thing in life as normal, so what am I?) Anyway, it was surreal, it felt so real (wishful thinking) I was eating fruit and nuts out of a cup using a spoon and I was waiting for a bus in the Moston area of Manchester (near the railway bridge) my bus arrived and as I got on the bus, Morrissey got on it with me. He went upstairs and I followed and we sat together eating my fruit and nut concoction. We didn’t speak, we just shared the spoon. As I got off the bus he followed me and then we stood together at the same bus stop, waiting for another bus. I woke up then, it was an odd one but I definitely woke up with a smile on my face.:o
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