Las Vegas, NV - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace (Sep. 4, 2021) post-show

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How Soon Is Now? / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Irish Blood, English Heart / First Of The Gang To Die / Half A Person / Alma Matters / Wedding Bell Blues / Knockabout World / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Never Had No One Ever / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Tomorrow / Lady Willpower / Love Is On Its Way Out / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Back On The Chain Gang / Trouble Loves Me / Some Say I Got Devil / Shoplifters Of The World Unite // Jack The Ripper

Setlist courtesy of various FB live streams &

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Did anyone catch the part Morrissey said he hasn't left Caesars Palace in over NINE days! What the hell does he do all day inside that joint? I understand the heat makes people stay inside and most days he's been there the temperature has hit over 110 degrees. But that must be dead boring spending nine days in a Vegas hotel room. Surely he's not hanging out at the pool with all the drunks or in the nightclubs with the EDM music blasting, and nobody here has seen him on the casino floor. So surely he's not sitting at the slots knocking back Whiskey Sours.
Get a life !

Honestly this is, frankly, very silly indeed.
That's true. I guess changing t-shirts every day helps a little.

T-shirts are more of a messagin' system at
this point.

Moz, go ahead and write Wild T! on ya next
t-shirt and I'll come to the rescue. 🦃

Moz, go ahead and write Wild T & Moz Fan on your next t-shirt and the dynamic duo will come to your rescue. We'll take you for a fantastic ride around Vegas that you'll never forget!
Final night setlist

Every Day is like Sunday
First of the Gang To Die
Alma Matters
I’m Throwing my arms around Paris
Lady Willpower
Back on the Chain Gang
Shoplifters of the World Unite
Let me Kiss you
Roy’s keen
I just want to see the boy happy
All the Young People want to fall in love
The Girl from Tel Aviv who wouldn’t kneel
Earth Is the Loneliest Planet
When I last spoke to Carol
At last I am Born
Asian Rut
Do you Best and Don’t Worry
How soon in Now
Sorrow Will Come in the End

One of the best sounding gigs I’ve ever been to, not Morrissey, just overall. He was excellent. The cheer for Alain visibly moved him. Was a lovely night. First Of The Gang back to how it should be. Brilliant.
I believe it's self-confinement though. It'd be worse for him going outside the hotel and be surrounded by fans wanting to talk to him and take pictures.
It's not even just fans; it's throngs of tourists clogging a tourist trap in a pandemic. So would you mingle in that or stay in the rock star penthouse?

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