Las Vegas, NV - The Colosseum at Caesars Palace (Aug. 28, 2021) post-show

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Never Had No One Ever (solo debut) / Jim Jim Falls / I Wish You Lonely / Alma Matters / What Kind Of People Live In These Houses? (live debut) / Satan Rejected My Soul/ The Lazy Sunbathers (live debut) / Knockabout World (live debut) / Morning Starship / Wedding Bell Blues / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / This Night Has Opened My Eyes (solo debut) / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Back On The Chain Gang / Shoplifters Of The World Unite / Irish Blood, English Heart / Lady Willpower / Trouble Loves Me / Ouija Board, Ouija Board / Jacky's Only Happy When She's Up On The Stage // I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / Jack The Ripper

Setlist courtesy of dogged perseverance & Carlos Rodriguez.

  • Merchandise booth photo posted by Famous when dead.

  • Photo from @HoIdenMorrissey / Twitter. Link posted by NealCassidy.

  • Photo posted by GirlAfraidWillNeverLearn:

  • Steve Cochran - backdrop star identified by Famous when dead:

  • Photos from dneur / Instagram. Link posted by Famous when dead:

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Residencies tend to lend themselves to some different songs every night, I'd have been happy with the song choice tonight, although agree 4 covers (and Paris!) are unnecessary when you have a back catalogue of nearly 40 years

Did he introduce the band? Alain? Any #bantz? Any dodgy quasi-fascist nimby libertarian observations on the Afghan situation? Any more vegan-friendly cosmetic uplifts?
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Not a great set list from my perspective but he’s playing 4 more nights so he may play different sets on the other nights.
Yes & Knockabout World IIRC

Never Had No One Ever (live solo debut)
This Night Has Opened My Eyes (live solo debut)
Knockabout World (live debut)
What Kind Of People Live In These Houses? (live debut)
The Lazy Sunbathers (live debut)

I think that covers it for tonight.
Imagine if Meat Is Murder was played. Heads would be flying.
Seeing the FULL setlist, I take half of what I said.
Wedding Bell Blues is still corny, cringy garbage though.
Never mind quibbling over the set list, it's just great to have moz back doing live shows again. Wish I was there! Hope it goes well for him.
Some were suggesting that it is the same set list of 3 years ago...

I may be wrong, but I count only 7 songs that were being performed back in 2018. That is a pretty big change.
You guys are seriously like effed in the head. 😂😂 The setlist was AMAZING. You guys are mostly losers and never happy with anything. Glad I pretty much stopped reading the comments here years ago

Shirt as discussed previously.
Who is on his t-shirt?

Any badges of horror?


Dipped in and out of the extant footage - and was quite happily surprised by how well Alain and Jesse meshed, e.g. taking solo turns on Ouija Board.
I’m here and it was a really good show. I enjoyed the number of surprises and how the setlist played out. Moz seems very happy and his voice is in excellent form. A few rough patches with the band and I don’t think they’ve quite figured out how to work together. Brendan doesn’t keep things moving like Matt did. I’m so glad I came, it felt good to be back.
Some great additions to the set-list, but it’s a shame that he’s still playing some of the less-interesting covers from California Son.

If he adds more surprises each night, this will be a great residency.

He looks excellent, too.

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