Morrissey Central "Las Vegas, 2022" - Vegas shows to showcase songs from "Bonfire of Teenagers" (May 20, 2022)

As per Morrissey Central:-

May 20, 2022

The Morrissey concerts in Las Vegas in July will showcase songs from the album 'Bonfire Of Teenagers', which was recorded in January 2021.

"The thrill of this album was the speed under which it was recorded. Considering the knots of grief I had experience[d] at the time, it made 'Bonfire' an incredible achievement for me."


Wonder which songs will be played?

Media item:


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What myth are you talking about I agree, in the right place at the right time/venue he can sell a lot of tickets but the Vegas shows are not selling at all. Fiona posted a link to the ticket availability and there are literally hundreds of tickets available for every night. Hopefully they will sell out nearer the time.

The myth that if you move a lot of tickets then labels will sign you. Everyone wants to think that. It can sometimes ring true in the right place and the right time. Ask Twisted Sister about how many shows they sold out without a record deal and nobody would touch them with a ten foot pole.


Nothing is ever guaranteed, but I think everyone must agree that it's more likely that record company execs considering signing an artist are going to look more favorably on sold out shows than half-empty venues.


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I agree. Doesn't he have his own Étienne label thing? Freedom and simplicity. Record deals are outdated, let's face it, and it's always been stressful for him. But without it will be hard to find some higher level executives to blame if they don't promote it enough or if it doesn't chart. Charts are outdated too, let's face it. But also promotion can be easier and/or cheaper when you're part of a larger corporation. I think a lot will depend on the Asap Rocky album, how much he has contributed to the final project etc. We're also waiting for a release date for that album (All Smiles), been talked about since May 2019.

"Morrissey Talks New Album, Future Of Etienne Records" - Nov 15, 2017:
The English singer built his own record label, Etienne, to release and distribute Low In High School, in part to avoid the sort of public meltdown that plagued his previous relationship with Harvest Records, ultimately resulting in his 2014 LP, World Peace Is None Of Your Business, being dropped by the label just three weeks after its release.

Speaking on the future plans for his new label, Morrissey explained, "Whatever happens in the world, music is for eternity. It's a great pleasure and very healthy to produce and create, and I'd love to expand Etienne and sign up music that counts."
I didnt know he has his own label, Etienne is French for Steven, that's kind of funny since he doesnt like to be called that


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Absurd that he still has not gotten over his boomerish old-line "record deal" obsession and just released the thing already via some combo of online (Bandcamp etc. - he'd break the Bandcamp record in hours I'm sure, and probably make more in online royalites than he can expect these days in the way of advances from some old-school record company deal) and boutique cd/vinyl release (like David Tibet does with his albums via House of Mythology; ditto Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus using Bandcamp and boutique hard copy cd/vinyl label).

Ridiculous to be sitting on the album for nearly a year and half already!

maybe he’s trying to break a new record.


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I didnt know he has his own label, Etienne is French for Steven, that's kind of funny since he doesnt like to be called that
And yet he signed his name Steven Patrick Morrissey when he announced the news of his mother's passing. Time changes everyone and everything.

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It is stunning that he was able to record a cheerful song like Veronica while being entangled in depressing knots of grief.
Probably the song had been written before the sad occasion, but recording the album helped him losening up again and think forward.
What the hell does "I am Veronica" even mean? Seems like gibberish. My, how the mighty have fallen.


It's not like Morrissey to have made such a grammatical error in a post, is it? He's usually laser sharp.

Shouldn't that sentence be -

Considering the knots of grief that I had experience(d) at the time, it made 'Bonfire' an incredible achievement for me.

Yes I realise I need to get a life.


What the hell does "I am Veronica" even mean? Seems like gibberish. My, how the mighty have fallen.
Oh no, heaven forbid you don't know what a Morrissey song means. Must be gibberish then.

There are a ton of Morrissey songs I love where I haven't a clue what he's on about. I would have to say I like them even more for that very reason.


Let's just speak with complete candor here....he is promoting the shows because they are not selling well. Just look on Ticketmaster you don't have to guess. They drastically reduced the price this time around to make it more enticing, but it's not working so far. (my hypothesis is) The promoter ask Morrissey's team to put out a statement in the hopes that it would move ticket sales (the statement speaks directly to the shows). This is a rare thing for Moz to promote a show. He usually doesn't have to do such things.
The entire music industry is treading water ferociously. No artist makes any money from albums anymore and you're going to deny them a chance to shill their gigs which is basically the only cash they ever see these days?

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I didnt know he has his own label, Etienne is French for Steven, that's kind of funny since he doesnt like to be called that
Aha!! Ètienne is actually the French female variant of Esteban (Steven), so Moz could also say that it is: I am Etienne. Ja Moz makes me laugh that the crazy cute thing is !!!Estebana= Etienne ame

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2002 and now it’s 20 years on
songs debuted live before a deal
yes and we still take up with you
It took 18 months before those songs which were played at the RAH (2002) got their physical release on an album. If anything, I expect things will move slower this time.

Nevertheless, the Vegas shows might provide an opportunity for a live album ensuring we get to have the some of the songs in some format quite soon—without diminishing the demand for the studio LP.

But this whole thing seems a little odd: Morrissey could sell out The Victoria Warehouse in Manchester within minutes, I’d say, and generate a significant and eye-catching news story/event without even trying.

Instead, he’s going to play a string of dates, where his energy will visibly diminish, in only part full auditoriums, in a desert. And perhaps boast about shifting a few t-shirts and Bowie records.

He loves doing it the hard way.

Lujissey .Moz is Luz

Moz do not play dumb for your birthday you can give us a theme of Bonfire, or some unpublished of any year, please Etienne!!!!! 😘 :pray:

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