Morrissey Central "Las Vegas, 2022" - Vegas shows to showcase songs from "Bonfire of Teenagers" (May 20, 2022)

As per Morrissey Central:-

May 20, 2022

The Morrissey concerts in Las Vegas in July will showcase songs from the album 'Bonfire Of Teenagers', which was recorded in January 2021.

"The thrill of this album was the speed under which it was recorded. Considering the knots of grief I had experience[d] at the time, it made 'Bonfire' an incredible achievement for me."


Wonder which songs will be played?

Media item:


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I really have no idea why he does dumb things like putting up a mocked-up album cover that will almost certainly not be the actual cover. what on earth would he be trying to achieve doing that??


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Nobody knows me, nobody knows me, aah, aah, nobody knows me




I would like to hear I Ex-Love You from the new album, because it is supposed to have a Smiths' sound. It does seem a bit negative though, from the title. I assume it's Andrew Watts' best go at being Marr, but that's really just a guess. I'd certainly prefer to hear the studio recordings before hearing them live.


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Not sure I’d enjoy attending a gig where I don’t know a lot of the songs.
But then, I’m not going.

I don’t know if going to the show just to experience a few songs debuted is an incentive to go. Maybe for some it is.

And I’m sure it won’t be ‘a lot of songs’.

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It is stunning that he was able to record a cheerful song like Veronica while being entangled in depressing knots of grief.
Probably the song had been written before the sad occasion, but recording the album helped him losening up again and think forward.


The photo of teenaged Morrissey is great but maybe with a less suburban background it would be more interesting - say for example Belle Vue in Manchester, circa 1972.

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