Morrissey Central "Las Vegas, 2022" - Vegas shows to showcase songs from "Bonfire of Teenagers" (May 20, 2022)

As per Morrissey Central:-

May 20, 2022

The Morrissey concerts in Las Vegas in July will showcase songs from the album 'Bonfire Of Teenagers', which was recorded in January 2021.

"The thrill of this album was the speed under which it was recorded. Considering the knots of grief I had experience[d] at the time, it made 'Bonfire' an incredible achievement for me."


Wonder which songs will be played?

Media item:
Iirc “I Ex-Love You” was described by SER as sounding like the Smiths.
OK, then that's probably a valid candidate to hear. I'd also like to hear the song BOT - very curious about how deftly he handles the subject. I would agree we'll probably get 3 new songs max. Hopefully rotated so that by the end of the residency we've heard at least 1/2 of the album.

BTW, LOTS of tix still available for tonight as seen here -
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When it became impossible to defend accusations of racism I not only lost interest but it destroyed listening to previous material, making it now stomach turning.
For all of his solo career I was in denial. Still in the angry stage.

I don't blame Sam or any knob for him destroying him. Why I gave so much to him is my fault.
Still, here you are. For what reason? Get these abominable sins off your chest? Do you also self-mortify in front of a picture of Billy Bragg? I hear that helps.
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