Official Facebook Las Vegas 2021 dates announced on Morrissey Official FB (5 dates, Aug. 28 - Sep. 5, 2021)

Dates re-emerge via Official:


Note: 27th omitted and 29th added.

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Implications? The show will go on. Recommended means not mandated. If Tobias is playing, he has consented to the venue's non-masking rules. Nothing has changed unless the venue wants to change its rules.

Who cares about the masks? The bigger question is if the shows will happen as scheduled amidst the explosion of Covid cases.


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I will not be wearing a mask WTF did a get a vaccine if i have to wear a mask?

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You can still watch it and spread it even after being vaccinated. You sound like the fat orange oaf who lost the election.


live stream it solely for ticketholders if required..

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